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DIY Frog closure

By Blerona

I love keeping planners and journals. And recently I bought a journal that opens from the middle but it was to plain for my liking so I decided to dress it up a bit. Frog closures have always reminded me of a vintage classic look. So I attached a frog closure to stretchable trim and it looks a lot more expensive than what I paid for and I love it. This is such a good idea for those on a budget gifts I will definitely be thinking about this around Christmas.




  • Step 1: Measure the stretchable trim around the planner or book and cut
  • Step 2: Sew one frog closure onto one end of the stretchable trim
  • Step 3: Then sew the other closure on the other side of the trim
  • Step 4 (Optional): Take your hot glue gun and glue the back of the stretchable trim to the back side of your planner or journal. This way if you want to unhook your closure you won’t lose or forget it.
  • Step 5: And you’re finished, start writing!