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DIY Swarovski and Chain Necklace

By Roseann


Every girl can use a little sparkle in her life, and thanks to M&Jโ€™s selection of Swarovski rhinestones and assortment of sew on jewels and pendants, itโ€™s easy and affordable. For $25 I created a piece that could easily retail for $60 or more. I used 1 twisted Swarovski sew on jewel (#40198), and two different pear shaped Swarovski pendants (#38394 in Vitrail, and #41916 in golden shadow) available by calling 1-800-9-mjtrim. I used simple jump rings to attach the stones to the chain. The piece was left long, so it fits easily over the head. The look is simple and chic, and since it can be worn with jeans or cocktail dress it is also versatile. Please check out our Swarvski section online and create a gem of your own.