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DIY Chain and Studded Bracelet

By Blerona

We all know that chain accessories are thee thing this year! But this season it’s all about the uniqely shaped and fitted chain accessories not the boring old plain chain necklace or bracelet. So we came up with this very easy to make bracelet, that has all the right giltz and glamour for any outfit.



Step 1: Take both appliqués and sew the unchained ends together (I used invisible thread).

Step 2: Sew both hook closures to one end (in the center) of the sewn appliqués

Step 3: Now sew both eyelet closures to the other end of the sewn appliqués (make sure they are parallel to the hook closures)

Step 4: Trace the outline of the sewn appliqués onto felt fabric with tailors chalk pencil and cut out.

Step 5: Glue the cutout fabric to the back of the appliqués for clean finish (do not cover closures with fabric)

Let Dry and your Finished!