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Top 3 DIY Chunky Chains

Chunky chains have been a DIY favorite here at M&J. These statement making trims can update any outfit in a matter of seconds. We came across three great chunky chain tutorials that we couldn’t wait to share with you. Bromeliadliving’s Runway Inspired Necklace Tutorial is sleek and elegant. While both I SPY DIY and Nest of Posie used bright colors to accent their chains. We can’t wait to try out these easy and fun DIYs.

Chain Inspirationchain afterBromeliadliving’s Runway Inspired Necklace Tutorial

DIY-Color-Chain-Bracelet_Nest of Posies Spray-Painting-Chain-Links_Nest of posiesNest of Posies Spray painted chain bracelet tutorial

ispydiy_chain0ispydiy_chain3I Spy DIY’s Chunky Chain Necklace and Bracelet Tutorial

Top 5 Emerald D.I.Ys

Emerald has been ruling the runways therefore it is only necessary to incorporate the “it color” into our lifestyles. Many bloggers have been creating emerald infused pieces and we’ve rounded up 5 that we particularly love.  The following D.I.Y’s will make everyone around you green with envy.
Click on the images for the tutorials on each piece.

VJuliet Emerald Bib Necklace
Bliss-athome Emerald Decorative Storage Box
Glitter_N_Glue Emerald Green Button Ring
HonestlyWTF Emerald Woven Charm Bracelet
Kittenhood Featuring Vixy Blue’s Emerald Heart Brooch

A big thanks to VJuliet, Bliss-athome, Glitter_N_Glue, HonestlyWTF and Kittenhood for the inspiration.

Studded Leather Bracelet

By Blerona

I am loving the brights, neons, and I’ve always been a fan of leather and spikes. So I combined them altogther, and came up with this spiked up bright leather wrap bracelet, Perfect for Spring!

1″ Genuine Leather Trim Item# 81499 in Ivory/Teal/Yellow
Small Spike w/Screw ½” Item# 37160 in Silver  
14mm Magnet Fastener Item# 42094 in Silver
Ruler / Pen

Written Steps

  • Measure the leather trim around your wrist, it should wrap around twice or however much you want. Then cut.
  • The fastener has two parts, each goes on one end, but on opposite sides (See Photo). Cut to slits and push prong through and use the scissors to push them in for a finishing look. Then do other piece the same way.
  • Adding the nailheads is the easiest part. Use enough spikes to fill up 1/3 of the leather trim. My entire leather trim measured 14” so I only used 9 Spikes. Take a pen and ruler and mark every half inch (see photo)
  • Poke holes on the marks and insert the screw, then screw the nailhead on. Repeat these steps till you fill up 1/3 of the trim. And it’s ready to wear.

DIY: Valentine’s Day Pearl Bracelet

By Blerona

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I had to make a fun accessory to celebrate the Loving Day! Here are the easy steps, perfect gift for freinds, family and loved ones!


Step1: Put the elastic thread through needle and tie knot. Then start slipping pearls through the needle onto elastic thread. When it fits around your rist, cut off end of the thread that’s attached to the needle.

Step:2 Now tie a double-Knot to connect both ends. And cut extra string off.

Step3: Tie a tulle onto the string of pearls, and start wrapping it about the pearls and elastic thread. Be sure to tie  a knot every other time you wrap it around. When you go all the way around, tie a bow with the other end of the tulle.

DIY Chain and Studded Bracelet

By Blerona

We all know that chain accessories are thee thing this year! But this season it’s all about the uniqely shaped and fitted chain accessories not the boring old plain chain necklace or bracelet. So we came up with this very easy to make bracelet, that has all the right giltz and glamour for any outfit.



Step 1: Take both appliqués and sew the unchained ends together (I used invisible thread).

Step 2: Sew both hook closures to one end (in the center) of the sewn appliqués

Step 3: Now sew both eyelet closures to the other end of the sewn appliqués (make sure they are parallel to the hook closures)

Step 4: Trace the outline of the sewn appliqués onto felt fabric with tailors chalk pencil and cut out.

Step 5: Glue the cutout fabric to the back of the appliqués for clean finish (do not cover closures with fabric)

Let Dry and your Finished!

DIY Swarovski Sew-on Stone Bracelet

By Dara



The sun is quite hot today, which also mean its still summer.  We have a long way to go before it starts getting cold again.  Of course summer time usually means a little less fabric, more skin and more accessories.  I know that the recession has everyone on a budget, but it doesn’t necessarily mean looking fashionably attractive has to also be on a budget.  Just turn to DIY projects and you’ll notice that making things on your own can turn out just as great as a finished piece from the department stores. 

This week, we’re going to create and design our own Swarovski bracelet.  To make the bracelet, we’ll be using the Swarovski sew-on stone collection.  Here’s the list of the materials and instructions.




  1. Take the Swarovski sew-on stones and lay them on top of the suede patch.  Lay them according to the design you like.
  2. After you finished the design, pick up one stone from the pattern and add glue to the back.  Don’t add too much or the glue will end up showing. 
  3. Lay the stone back down onto the pattern.  Repeat this with all the stones.
  4. Let it to dry for a bout 5 minutes.  After it’s dry, use the scissors and trim the suede.  Follow the pattern you designed.
  5. Now add a dab of glue onto the back side of the patch, and lay the patch on top of the 1/8” suede tape.  Remember to lay it on the center of the tape.
  6. You’re all done.

DIY Bracelet for Mother’s Day/Prom/Evening out

By Dara


Today’s project is a beaded trim bracelet.  You can make this bracelet as a gift for your mom, for yourself, for prom or a nice evening out.  It’s an easy way to accessorize in only a few minutes.  The steps are really easy and you can use the same instructions to make matching headbands or belt also.  Here’s the detail.




  1.  Measure the ribbon and along the center, add glue along the six inches in the center.
  2. Slowly add the beaded trim on top of the glue.
  3. Leave it to dry and you’re done.

If you want to make a headband, you can use a longer ribbon and it’s the same instruction.  The same instruction also applies to creating a belt.  When it dries, you can tie it up and you’re done.


By Roseann


Today embellishing is seen everywhere, from necklines to ankles.  It’s a great way to add color and a little flash to an everyday piece.  I was really inspired by John Hardy’s new bamboo and sterling silver cuffs.  Since I am not an expert jewelry crafter, I figured a leather cuff would be a great way to get the look.



 Please note that M&J Trimming offers a wide selection of sew on jewels and beads. So explore our selection and be creative.

 You will also need:

  • Gem Tac glue
  • 2 18mm snaps  (1-800-9MJ-TRIM)
  • Thread
  • Leather needle


  1. Measure wrist
  2. Cut Leather 2″ longer than wrist measurement.
  3. Create your design
  4. Using Gem Tac lightly glue down your design to the leather.  Be sure to measure and center.  I like to wait about 4 hours to allow the glue to set.  Once you feel that your jewels are adequately attached you may sew the jewels on to the leather.  I like to glue the jewels down first, I think it makes this step easier.  If you’re comfortable with sewing them without glue feel free.
  5. Measure in 1″ from sides.  Center snaps in center of 1″ edge. Sew them down in a vertical position from one another.  The female piece should be sewn on the outside of the cuff and the male piece on the inside.  This will make the cuff easiest to get on and off.
  6. Wear, enjoy!

M&J Trimming On Teen.com (DIY Headbands)


Our designer, Abby and M&J Trimming was recently featured on Teen.com TV.  As headbands continue being a popular must-have, Abby teaches you how to create some easy and beautiful pieces.

Click here to watch the video clip of Abby teaching you the simple techniques.

DIY Swarovski Rhinestone Bracelet

By Dara


Hi everyone.  It has been a while since I last post an update on here.  There’s a lot going on at M&J Trimming right now.  If you have read Milton’s blog, then you probably already know that M&J has been pretty busy with the headband workshop held on Sundays.  We’re also going to be hosting a rhinestone workshop on the 29th.  It’s going to be fun because we have some guests from Swarovski teaching everyone different ways to apply rhinestones. 

Speaking of rhinestones, today I made a rhinestone buckle bracelet.  Headbands are currently in trend right now and the next big thing is creating your own bracelet.  You can see my “DIY bracelet” in the image above.  It only took me two minutes to make this stunning piece.




  1. Simply loop the cord through the front of one side of the buckle and then out through the other side.
  2. Repeat the step above and adjust the buckle into the desired position.
  3. After that, you’re all done and ready to tie the bracelet on your wrist and go out in style!