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Going Tribal: DIY Mix Media Fringe Necklace

By: Roseann

I am excited to see the tribal trend taking off this summer.  The look is comprised of bold graphic prints paired with warm tones and natural accents.  This can be a tricky look to pull off, so couple of tips.  When mixing patterns and textures, be sure each piece has one or two colors in common.  Oversized patterns can easily be over whelming, so these dresses and skirts should be short and simple in shape.  When in doubt go for mini, that’s always my motto.  When turning the volume on your outfit up, with bright colors such as orange and fuchsia, turn your makeup down.  Wear a natural eye or lip.  And finally pile on the great accessories.  Load your arm up with wooden bangles or add a mix media necklace over a daring graphic tee.



  1. Decide on a comfortable length for your necklace to be.  I chose 12 inches.
  2. Cut your 17mm chain to the measurement you’ve decided.
  3. cut your leathers down into 24 inch pieces
  4. Using pieces of tape or string mark the center 6 inches of your 17mm chain.  You want to work with in this space only.
  5. Starting with the wider pieces of leather you are going to begin attaching them to your necklace.  Fold leather in half then push the folded center through a link of chain and pull the tail ends of the leather through the loop.  Pull tight to secure.
  6. Repeat step 5 with the 1mm cord, but attach two pieces together.
  7. Cut 9mm chain into four 9 inch pieces.  Attach to necklace using the jump rings.

DIY Zipper Belt

By Roseann

Hope you guys are enjoying this beautiful weather, I know I am! Today I would like to show you a very simple DIY project that will give any outfit a bit of edge, a creative and chic Zipper Belt.


For the list of materials check out our DIY Page


Create Your Own Charmed Bracelet

By Goldie

I would like to share with you an idea so you can create your own charmed bracelet using buttons as your charms.

I used:


  1. Choose your chain and buttons then decide the order you would like to place the buttons in
  2. The easiest way to attach your buttons to the chain is to use stretch magic elastic
  3. Slip the elastic through the shank of your button
  4. Knot it as close to the chain as possible than cut of the remaining elastic you have from the  knot
  5. Make sure your buttons are not to close to each other you don’t want your bracelet to look too cluttered
  6. The final step is adding the clasp to your bracelet in order to close it
  7. Start with attaching the two rings to the two opposite ends of the chain
  8. Slip the loop of the clasp through either ring you added to your chain and you can use the remaining ring to close your clasp

Fun Sequin Flower Headband

By Kristin

M&J is constantly getting in new items and I have fallen in love with this new sequin trim.  It’s a gorgeous scalloped edge trim on a netting.  There are so many uses for this trim and a headband is an easy one.  One of the girls who work on the floor took the gold version of this trim and made a simple flower from it for her hair.  I was instantly inspired to make my own version.

I’m a huge fan of headbands, hairclips, and hair ties to hold back and adorn my long hair.  Working at M&J has allowed me to expand my collection and have a different look everyday.  I’ll show you how to make a sequined flower that can then be glued to a headband or hair clip, or even sew a pin on the back for other uses.  It only takes a few minutes to make, so it’s also a great last minute gift idea.

#44434 – ½ Yard Gunmetal Scalloped Sequin Trim
#42955 – 23mm Silver Sequin Look Button
#43659 – Black Plastic Headband
Black Thread
e6000 Glue 

*Call 1-800-9MJTRIM, ext:377 to order any of the products not listed online.

1.)  Thread your needle and knot the end.  Weave the needle through the sheer side of the trim about 1” away from the edge.  Weave it in and out every ½” or so to create a gathering stitch.  When you get to the end, pull the trim down this thread to gather it up.  Gather it to about 3-4” long and knot the end securely to keep it gathered.

2.)  Sew one gathered end to the other.  You should now have a circle that is ruffled, this will be your flower.  You can now either sew on or glue the button to the middle to cover the hole.  If you glued it, once it is dry you can move to the next step.

3.)  Now you can choose to glue this to a headband, a hair clip, or a pin back and you are set!

Chain and Feather Tassel Necklace

By: Roseann

Chains, Chains, Chains, they seem to be every where this season and I think they are going to be hanging around through Spring and Summer 2010 as well.  Chain necklaces are nothing new, but these days designers are putting an interesting twist on the trend by the unique mixing of materials and colors.  Anything goes, there are no wrong answers, and you can mix any range of elements into this look, hard or soft, matte and shine, silver and gold.  I decided to create an edgy necklace with a feather tassel to give it a softer look.  The how to is posted below with all the materials used, but please check out our selection and try anything different.




    1. Cut 17mm chain down to 16”
    2. Attach 9mm chain to one of the links of the 17mm. wrap around the 17mm chain threading it throw a couple of times and attach the end link.
    3. Repeat with the twisted metal chain.
    4. Attach jewelry clasp to 17mm chain
    5. To create the tassel, take a pinch of feathers and glue at the very top. 
    6. Wrap several inches of jewelry wire around the top as well leaving a small loop at the head of your newly formed tassel.  This loop is how you are going to attach the feather piece to the jump ring.
    7. Dab a small amount of glue at the end of the cording to keep it from unraveling.   Stating ¾” below the top of the feather piece wrap and glue the cording to the top.  The cording will hide the wire and give a finished look.
    8. Cap the feather tassel with the bead cap; be sure to push the wire loop throw the top of the cap.
    9. Add 1 jump ring to the wire loop and twist till the bead cap is close to the jump ring
    10. Add the other jump rings to connect the newly formed tassel to the middle of your chain necklace.
    11. Wear and Enjoy!

Add a Little Shine to Your Winter Cover

By Roseann


With winter in full swing we are all bundled up.  I happen to be a big fan of the layered look, but sometimes our layers need a bit of pizzazz.   Fortunately M&J offers enough bling at the right cost, so you can bedazzle any of your outerwear.  Some ideas may include adding Swarovski rhinestones to fingerless gloves a knit cap or a scarf.  Take advantage of Old Man Winter’s hostility and wear some fun accessories.

M&J Trimming offers two types of Swarovski rhinestones, hot fix and flat back

Hot fix rhinestones are applied to garments using heat, the adhesive is already fixed to the back of the stone.  To apply hot fix rhinestones you may use an iron or the preferred method by using a rhinestone hot-fix setter.  To learn more about using hot-fix setters please watch our video.

Flat back rhinestones are applied to garments using glue.  There are two types of glue we recommend for this type of application.  Depending on what type of project you are working on we recommend either E 6000 craft adhesive or Gem Tac permanent adhesive.  E 6000 is an industrial strength adhesive and works great on projects that require a stronger bond, such as outdoor plant potters.  E 6000 is also gentle enough to be used on clothing and is washer and dryers safe, however the curing time takes about 24 to 72 hours.  Gem Tac is also a permanent adhesive that is safe for clothing, washer and dryer safe, and dries clear in about 10-20 minutes.

Fabricate Your Own Leather and Spike Cuff

by Goldie

I would like to share with you a quick and simple way to create your own edgy cuff. I used two of my favorite items to create this cuff, leather and nail heads.

I used:

  • ¼  yard of 81503 Gun Metal/ Ivory (to order please call 1-800-9-mjtrim)
  • one package of Spike Nailheads
  • Sew on Snaps (439320) (to order please call 1-800-9MJTRIM


  1. Start by measuring your wris
  2. Take that measurement and add one inch
  3. On the back of the leather sew on one side of the snap ¼” from the edge.  On the face side of the leather at the opposite end sew the other sides of your snaps ¼” from the edge.
  4. Apply your nail heads to the leather.  Mark points to the back of the leather where you would like your nail heads to lie. Since the leather is thick you will need to use a Brisk-set Rhinestone Setter with nail head adapter to apply your nail heads. Be sure to use the correct adapter for the size nail head you use.

Designer Inspired Floral Headpiece

By: Roseann and Goldie


Christophe Coppens is one of my favorite designers.  His designs are some of the most unique out there and at times a bit preternatural.  However out of this world his looks may be,  drawing inspiration from his costume like designs we can create fun accessories that work in our daily wardrobe.  His floral hat is the inspiration for my own floral shaped hat, created easily with rat tail cording.





  1. Choose a rat tail cord you would like to use.  M&J has a wide variety of colors.
  2.  Use a dab of craft glue on the end of cord to keep it from unraveling. 
  3.  Create loops out of the cord and pin in the center to create a floral shape.  You want to create loops of different sizes.  The loops we created are no larger than 3” and no smaller than 1 ½”. 
  4. Once you have created the desired shape hand stitch the loops together at the center. 
  5.  It is okay if the center of your flower looks a little messy.  Stitch a rhinestone button to the center of your flower. 
  6.  Draw a circle 3 ½” in diameter.  Draw in the radius.  Draw another circle with a 4 ½” diameter. 
  7. Use the 3 ½” circle as your pattern for the hat.  Using your pattern cut a circular piece of acetate. Make a cut into the circle along the radius you marked on your pattern.
  8.  Mark ¾” to the right of the cut you just made.  Pull the left side of the cut to the ¾” mark and glue.  Hot glue may work best because it dries quickest.  By doing this you have created a convex shape, so the hat will sit nicely on the head.
  9.  Use the 4 ½” circle pattern and cut a piece of fabric. 
  10. Apply a spray adhesive to the hat and cover with fabric. Fold the corners over to the inside and glue.
  11.  Glue your flower to the hat and a comb to the inside to keep your hat in place. 

DIY: Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet



By Blerona,

Leather and nailheads are all the rage this season, and I don’t think there going anywhere next season either. Join the fun by making your own leather studded bracelet, its just three easy steps to becoming part of a massive fashion trend.

I had some braided leather cord, and left over nailheads lying around, thinking of something to make I decided on a bracelet. It’s simple and easy and a great way to get creative with leftover trimmings. I hope you enjoy this DIY.




Step 1: Cut the Vinyl Braid to 26inches

Step 2: Take one of the two pieces from the closure and sew one end of the braid to it. Then sew the other end of the braid to the other closure (Make sure you place the braid on top of the closure when sewing)

Step 3:  Take the one SS30 nailhead and push the prongs through the braid and leather closure, (push the prongs inward to aviod stratching when wearing) now the other closure. Finally place SS20 nailheads on sections of the braid. (I used 14 but you can put as many as you like)

Glass Jewel Embellished Braided Bib Necklace

By Roseann

It seems that the fashion world can’t get enough of the statement necklace.  The great thing about these pieces is their versatility; they can be worn day or night and can really add personality to a plain T shirt and jeans.   I am thrilled with how this one turned out.  The braiding adds interesting texture and the glass jewels just the right amount of bling.  Do not be intimidated it looks like a lot of work but it is actually very simple to do.


    • Piece of fabric at least 6” by 28” I used denim but you can use any woven fabric you desire.
    • Assortment of glass sew on jewels
    • Nail heads (optional)
    • 1 yard 2” silk ribbon
    • Needle and thread
    • A pair of hands and a creative mind


  1. Cut piece of denim into three 2” strips 28” long.
  2. Pin the three strips on top of each other and loosely braid. 
  3. Secure the other end of the finished braid with a pin.  Be sure that the finished ends of your braid do not exceed 2”.
  4. Hand or machine stitch your finished ends.
  5. Drape the braid around your neck.  By folding the braid in the center work the bib so that it lays flat to the chest and pin.  It may help to have a friend present, this is more easily done on someone else than yourself.
  6. Put a couple of hand stitches in the areas that you folded flat to secure the braid.
  7. Now embellish as desired.  If the mood strikes you or you want to add a little more pop nail heads make a great addition.
  8. Now cut the one yard of ribbon in half.  Fold one end over ¼” and press.  Fold over again ½” and press, now fold back in the opposite direction and press again. 
  9. Sandwich the ends of your braid into your folds of ribbon.  If done correctly you will not see any frayed edges of the ribbon or braid on either side.  Stitch to secure.
  10. Wear and Enjoy!