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Holiday Store Hours

Please be advised that our holiday store hours are as follows.

Saturday, December 24th:  9am– 4pm

Sunday, December 25th:  Closed

Monday, December 26th: Closed

Saturday, December 31st:  10am– 4pm

Sunday, January 1st: Closed

Monday, January 2nd: 10am – 5pm

Our staffs at M&J Trimming would like to wish you a happy holiday and wonderful New Year.  Thank you for choosing M&J Trimming.

Stripes & Sequins Blogger of the Month – December!

Hi Everyone!  I’m Grace Atwood, from Stripes & Sequins.  I’m so honored to be December’s Blogger of the Month.  I’ve been obsessed with M&J Trim from the moment I moved to New York City. It really is a candy store for the crafty… more ribbon, gems, cord, and treats than one could imagine.  I could (and have!) spend hours just ogling the goods – and getting inspiration for my next DIY project.

I’ve put together four easy projects using the products that M&J sent me…  I hope that you enjoy – and attempt to recreate them yourself!

M&J sent me a beautiful box of goodies… pictured above.  Inside was sewing thread, striped ribbon, studded trim, black satin ribbon, black faceted chain, and the coolest hear metal sequins.


Project #1:  Tory Burch Inspired Collar

When I saw Tory Burch’s Skyline Collar Necklace, I knew it was something I could relatively easily recreate at home.  The 1.25″ Square Jewel Trim  (Item# 45090) that M&J sent me was perfect.

I also used the 24mm Double Faced Satin Ribbon Item# 02324 , a scrap of suede, and my glue gun.

I snipped off the mesh edges of the trim and cut the trim into four pieces (2 short, 2 long.)  I then just glued them to the suede in the shape I liked, and cut it out.    I finished the necklace by sealing the edges of it with Fray Check, and gluing on two long pieces of the black satin ribbon.

And you’re done!


Project #2:  Striped Button Ascot

I love stripes, and I love the idea of wearing a fun striped pin with a striped t-shirt.  I made this one and have been wearing it constantly.  Pinned to a comfy sweater, my favorite trench, etc… it adds a more creative and fun element to my more classic pieces.

  1. Take a piece of 1 1/2″ Mono Striped Ribbon Item# 39516 (about 8”) and form a loop.  Close with glue.
  2. Form another loop with a smaller piece of ribbon, and attach perpendicularly to first loop.
  3. Add two pieces of striped ribbon to the bottom.
  4. Glue on two pieces of black satin ribbon.
  5. Add a botton, and then another sparkly button.
  6. Flip over, and add a pin to the back.  Reinforce with a bit more glue and a small piece of ribbon.

Yup, I’m a little bit obsessed with this one.


Project #3:  Safety Pin and Chain Necklace

This was a fun and easy one.  There’s really no rhyme or reason to this project… just have fun with it!

Using the chain M&J sent me 9mm Black Metal Chain Item# 36959 (and I can’t say enough good things about this chain – it’s metalized plastic with the coolest little mirrored facets that give it the coolest sparkly touch) I attached three similar length pieces to a jump ring and then to a clasp.  From there, I just pinned and pinned, until I had a messy – yet sophisticated necklace.  I love that it’s a bit rock & roll… I will wear it with my preppier pieces (striped tees, shift dresses, etc.)



Project #4:  Embellished Silk Shell

This was another simple one…  I had a silk shell in my closet that I was going to get rid of, but I decided to liven it up a bit with the 10mm Heart Metal Sequin Item# 39960 that M&J sent me.

All it took was a little patience and my glue gun… such an easy way to spruce up a boring basic!


Thanks again to M&J Trim for having me… I had such fun with this project!  For more Stripes & Sequins, be sure to check out my blog, follow me on Twitter, like S&S on Facebook, or follow my pinboards!

Blogger of the Month, December!

By Blerona

Our New Favorite blogger for December is Grace from Stripes & Sequins!

Hi everyone!  I’m Grace from Stripes & Sequins.  Ever since moving to New York City six years ago, M&J Trimming has been one of my favorite places in the city… a virtual candy store for us crafty folks!  I’m honored to be M&J’s blogger of the month.  If I had to describe my style in two words, it would be human magpie.  I love all things shiny and sparkly..  By day, I work for BaubleBar, where I run their social media.  I’ve been blogging for about two years and love DIY – it forces me to be creative and helps me temper my expensive taste.  My blog has been featured on Guest of a Guest, the Wall Street Journal, and Dismount Creative as a Top DIY blog.  I’ve also DIY’d with The Glitter Guide, which is, very fittingly, one of my favorite online publications!

 Stripes & Sequins DIY’s

Here’s what we sent her for the Blogger of the Month Challenge…check back on Tuesday, December 13th 2011 to see what she made!