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Dismount Creative – M&J Challenger 2!

 Dismount Creative is  as a place for people to step out of their day-to-day routine and get together to make cool, modern crafts.  Here are the great projects she came up with for the M&J Challenge 2.



Project 1: Tie-dye Camera Strap

Like many bloggers I carry my camera almost everywhere. Lugging around a DSLR can be a pain, but it’s much more fun with straps that feel like a cool accessory!

Muslin 3” x 60”
Squirt bottles
Hardware store chain 36”
Leather: 2 strips 3/8” x 12”
Rivets + rivet setting tools


  1. Sew along the length of the prewashed muslin strip and then turn it right side out using a safety pin. Tuck in the ends and topstitch to secure.
  2. Use the string to tie every few inches along the length of the fabric and then wet the fabric and put it in a safe place for dying. (I used my sink.)
  3. Mix up the RIT dye into the squirt bottles according to directions. Squirt the dye randomly on the fabric. Allow 20-30 minutes to set before rinsing, washing and drying.
  4. Weave the dyed fabric strip through the chain, sometimes wrapping around or tying knots to keep it from looking too uniform.
  5. Punch two holes in the end of each leather strip and insert into the final length of chain. Secure with a rivet.
  6. Insert the ends of the leather strap through the brackets on your camera and secure using new or existing buckles or rivets.



Project 2: Simple Ribbon Camera Strap

My little Diana Mini is way too cute to be carried by the 70’s vinyl strap that came standard. Right as I was leaving for a party one night I made this strap from some jewelry chain (better suited for light cameras like this one than your heavy DSLR) and the gorgeous bright pink ribbon from M&J Trim. It was a hit!

Split key rings – 2
Ribbon – At least 36”
Jewelry Chain – At least 24”


  1. Weave the ribbon through the chain and knot on each end to secure.
  2. Attach the chain to the brackets on your camera using a split key ring. 



Project 3: Braided Wrap Bracelet

One of my favorite things to make is a nice long wrap bracelet because it can also be worn as a necklace or headband.

Hand-dyed silk ribbon: 2 pieces each 36”
Diamante chain- 20”
Ribbon crimp ends – 2
Jump rings – 5
Stamping blank
Crystals+ setting kit


  1. Braid together the two pieces of ribbon and the diamante chain to a length of 20” – 21”.
  2. Use a small piece of wire to wrap each end to secure the diamante chain. Cut off any excess chain and ribbon.
  3. Put a small bead of glue on the ends of the ribbon before attaching the ribbon crimp ends and securing tightly with pliers.
  4. Add one (or several!) crystals to the stamping blank charm following the instructions in the crystal setting kit. I also stamped my initials into the charm.
  5. Attach the clasp to one end of the bracelet using a jump ring. On the other end of the bracelet, connect the remaining jump rings into a short chain and add the charm to the very end.



Project 4: Sparkly Bolo Cord Bracelet

Nothing makes a bright-colored bracelet more on-trend this summer than a healthy dose of sparkle!

Bright bolo cord- 3 pieces 6”
Diamante chain- 5 ½”
Thread- matching or contrast
Ribbon crimp ends – 2


  1. Use the thread to sew the diamante chain to the first piece of bolo cord by wrapping between each stone and sewing into the cord.
  2. Line up the second piece of cord alongside the first and sew together from the backside. By weaving in and out between the leather you can make your stitches nearly invisible.
  3. Sew the final piece of cord on the opposite side so that the diamante chain is in the center.
  4. Run a bead of glue along the cord ends and add the ribbon crimp ends to finish.
  5. Attach the clasp.



Project 5: Thread-wrap Bolo Bracelets

Thread wrap bracelets are a fun and fast alternative to traditional knotted friendship bracelets.

Bright Bolo Cord – 3 pieces 6”
End caps – 6
Jump rings – 2


  1. After you cut the pieces of bolo cord, immediately add a dot of glue to each end and attach the end caps. This will keep the cord from unraveling.
  2. Use different color thread to wrap parts of the cord. Try a pattern, or keep it simple. When you are finished wrapping tie a double knot and then either use a bit of glue to secure or use a needle to sew the thread tail into the cord.
  3. Attach a jump ring to the cord ends and add a clasp.



Project 6: Leather & Ribbon Cuff

Of all the great supplies M&J Trim sent I didn’t expect that I’d find grosgrain ribbon the hardest to use! I love ribbon, but really wanted to do something different with it. This cuff was inspired by chevrons and the Southwest. As soon as I saw the color of the ribbon against this scrap of leather I knew I had to find a way to put them together.

Leather- 1 ½” x 10”
Ribbon- at least 36”
Jump Rings- 5 with diameter of ½”
Rivets – 2 (small) + setter



  1. Cut out the bracelet shape. On one side, cut out a U-shape leaving two straps 3/8” wide and 1 ¼” long. One the other side, cut out a U-shape leaving two straps 3/8” wide and 2 ¼” long. (I also recommend cutting the end of the end of the long straps at an angle.)
  2. Fold the two short straps behind and punch a hole through both layers. Add two jump rings onto each strap, fold over and secure with a rivet. This will make up the buckles.
  3. Punch three rows of holes, each ½ inch apart. Make the center row of holes start and end ½” closer to the buckles than the strap.
  4. Thread the ribbon through the holes making a chevron pattern on the front of the bracelet. I started by pulling half of the length through the center hole (from back to front) near the buckles and working down one side. Then I came back to the other half and added a jump ring from the back to prevent it from slipping out and repeated my steps down the other side. At the bottom (near the straps) I tied a knot to secure both ends. 



Project 7: Crystal Hair Pins

In an effort to not wear a ponytail *everyday* I keep tons of bobby pins around. These crystal pins have enough sparkly to make them feel special, but not so much that they scream “Prom!” And, attached to a card like this they make a great gift!

Bobby Pins
Glue (I use Aleene’s Glass + Bead Glue)
Crystals+ setting kit


  1. Put a small amount of glue into the syringe and run a fine bead along the end of the bobby pin.
  2. Pick up the crystals using the wooden stick and beeswax and place carefully on the bobby pin. Press down to secure.
  3. Allow at least an hour to dry before wearing or packaging.

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Made By Lex – M&J Challenger 2!

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to be a part of the MJ Trimmings challenge. When my package arrived I was so thrilled opening it. (So thrilled, that I didn’t even stop to take a picture of the gorgeous package!) After looking through it all, I knew I didn’t want to make a bunch of little things. I wanted to work off a theme. So I chose a beach afternoon with all my essentials.


Project 1:

The first thing you need- a beach bag. Often times I’ll find adorable bags but the handles are so cheap! They’re either fake leather or something that makes the whole bag seem low end. A great way to spruce it up is to add your own straps. I actually made this bag ( which I’ll do a tutorial on soon). But the frist thing you’ll want to do to change the straps is get to strips of leather and some trim pieces.

Fold the leather pieces in half and stitch them along the sides.

Next, get your trim pieces and place them in the center of the strap.

Set your sewing machine to a long and wide zig zag stitch. Here were my machine’s settings.

The stitch was just wide enough to enclose the blue trim. If your machine doesn’t go this wide, you can always just use one piece of trim. You can reattach them to your bag where you replaced your other ones. Such an easy change!

How great does that make the bag look?

OK! Moving on to bag update number two! I thought it would be fun to use this bright orange trim to write, “la mer” on the outside of the bag. All I did was write in invisible marker how I wanted it to look.

Then with fabric glue glued it right on! I love the bright pop of it on the muted grey.


Project 2:

Beach essential number two- a beverage bottle. Why use a plain ol’ cup when you can make it so much more glamourous? I think this would also make a GREAT gift! I got a piece of leather that measure the circumference of my water bottle.

I sewed it then slipped it on my bottle. Then I used the rhinestone kit that MJ Trimming sent me. I started glueing the rhinestones down the center in straight lines. I was going for high impact glam.

I just kept on gluing them until I got one solid, sparkly strip!


Project 3:

Next beach essential- a towel. I fell in love with this beautiful ribbon that MJ Trimmings sent. It reminded me of beach coral.

I was inspired by barcodes for this towel. I got a plain white towel and cut up different length strips and began pinning them on.

I pinned them all in place then stitched it right on.

I love the way this pop of color modernizes a plain towel. And how great is the water bottle cover?!


Project 4:

I didn’t do a picture for this tutorial, but another one of my beach essentials is a sun hat. To make it more coordinated with my entire look I added this gorgeous gradient dyed silk ribbon from Mj Trimmings. I wrapped it around a few times then tied it in the back. I thought it was a great way to add a color combination that you can easily switch out to different ones.


Project 5:

My next beach essential is a light, summer scarf. I live in a cool, coastal town so it doesn’t get too hot here. I always take a wrap with my in case I get chilly. I used this RIT dye to create an extra long and skinny scarf.

I wanted to get a gradient effect on my scarf so this is how I do mine. Get two buckets next to one another. Put about 70% of one dye in one side and 30% in the other. (Follow the other instructions on the box in terms of water temperature, etc…) I dipped each end of my scarf in one side then teeter totter it back and forth. That way each end will come out a different color and the middle will be blended.

After drying I took each end and cut little strips to add fringes.

Then I tied them in little knots.

It’s a great way to stay warm against any cool breezes.


Project 6:

Now for my final beach essential- a breezy kaftan. This is EASY! It’s just a giant, loose robe so follow along! MJ Trimming sent me another great dye in golden yellow.

I knew I wanted something transparent for my kaftan, so against advice I used a polyester sheer material. I knew in my dying experience that it would still dye, just very light which was fine by me. So for the record, if you use a polyester it will barely pick up the dye. I got a large pieces and folded in it half over at the head. Here it is pinned on my mannequin so you can see what I did. (notice there’s no head hole yet)

I cut a slight shape out of the sides. After unfolding it, sew the sides together.

Next, fold it in half again and at the top folded corner, cut a little hole out for the head.

Now slip it over your mannequin or lay it on the floor.

Now I cut a diagonal slit across the front. I wanted the opening to be across and open at the leg.

Then I took some pins and opened it up the way I wanted it to lye on the front. Notice how it’s taking shape?

Repeat that on the other side.

Then from there you can cut off the excess and sew the openings, along with the hem and it’s complete! I love the way it covers and flows in the beachy wind!

For an optional belt I got two extra strips of the fabric along with some teal grosgrain from MJ Trimmings that matched my scarf perfectly. I braided them all together.

For the ends I got a small piece of grosgrain and glued them closed.

Here’s the belted kaftan.

I hope you enjoyed my beach tutorials! Now you can have all these great updates to your normal summer outings gear!

I’m so grateful to MJ Trimmings for asking me to be a part of this challenge. It was such a fun, creative experience! I hope you all enjoyed it!



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Flamingo Toes – M&J Challenger 2!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be a part of the M & J Trimming Challenge this year! (Excited and nervous! Did you see the fabulous projects last year??)
On my blog, Flamingo Toes, I love to create things for my home, jewelry and fun sewing projects. The amazing box that we were given has so many fabulous items – and I knew I wanted to make something for the home and something to wear!

First up is the Circles and Waves Linen Set I created for the dining room.
Placemats, Napkins, Napkin Rings, a Table Runner and a Pretty Vase to go with it!

Let’s start with the Table Set first.
I love the raw edges of these – they look so fun and rough – I think it makes a great contrast with the quilting!

Materials you’ll need:

• 3 yd of 60″ white cotton fabric
• 2 Colors of Rit Dye
• 2 Coordinating Threads + a spool of white
• 1/2 Coordinating Print Fabric
• 1 1/2 yd cotton batting
• 4 Wooden Napkin Rings
• Grosgrain Ribbon
• Coordinating Color Rhinestones
• Glue (I used hot glue)


1. Cut out all your pieces. You’ll need 8 rectangles 14″ x 20″ for the placemats, 4 – 19″ squares for the napkins and assorted circles for the embellishing the napkins and placemats. I used circles from 4″ – 6″ for the placemats, 1 1/2″ – 3″ for the napkins and larger 6″ – 12″ circles for the runner out of the white. Cut out several circles from your coordinating print as well.
2. Following the instructions on the packages, dye the napkins along with several of the circles each color. I dyed 2 napkins in each color. Plus several extra circles. It’s better to have too many than not enough. 🙂
3. Wash, dry, and iron all pieces.

4. Cut pieces of batting 13″ x 19″ and layer each piece between two placemat pieces. Pin together well.

5. Mark along the top and bottom every two inches with a disappearing marker.
Start at the far right mark and with your first color of contrasting thread, sew a wavy line down the short side of the placemat that ends at the first mark on the right at the bottom of the placemat.
6. Repeat across the placemat working your way to the left, sewing wavy lines down. Try and make the waves different with each line.

7. Change out your thread and sew contrasting wavy lines down the placemat, starting and ending at the same marks, but making your waves move opposite the stitching you did before.

8. Stitch around all 4 sides of the placemat, starting with your darker thread, 3/8″ from the edge. Sew another line with the lighter thread 1/4″ inside this.

9. Lay out an assortment of circles in prints and solids on the placemat. Sew them down 1/4″ from the edge.
10. Now your placemats are all done!

I put the circles in different places so each placemat would look just a little different.

11. For the napkins, sew around all 4 sides with a wavy stitch. Use thread that contrasts with the napkin color.
For the blue napkins I used yellow & white and for the yellow napkins I used blue & white.

12. Sew around all four sides again, with your contrasting thread. Make your waves in this stitching opposite what you sewed before.

13. Choose three small circles that contrast with the napkin color and sew them on one corner of the napkin.
That finishes off the napkins!

14. For the Napkin Rings, tear 1′ – 1/2″ strips of white fabric. This will make straight strips with raw edges.
Wrap them around the napkins rings.
15. Continue wrapping until your ring is covered. Glue the end down.

16. Make a Ribbon Rosette out of pretty coordinating grosgrain ribbon.

17. Add rhinestones to the center of the rosette for a little bling.
(I love the tools they provided with the rhinestone kit! It made picking up and gluing the rhinestones super easy!)

18. Glue a small dyed fabric circle behind the rosette.

19. Glue the rosette onto the napkin ring and you’re done.
They look so sweet with the matching napkins slipped in!

20. For the Table Runner, lay out your larger circles in the pattern you’d like. My runner measures 30″ x 10″ approx.
21. Cut out a white piece of fabric the outside shape of the runner and a piece of batting about 1/2″ smaller than the total shape.
Pin them together like you did the placemats.

22. Start sewing your layers together with the bottom circles first. For the solid, dyed fabrics I did three rows of circles around the edges, 1/4″ apart.
For the prints, I sewed around the outside 1/4″ from the edge then sewed down a few of the wavy lines.

23. Once the bottom circles are sewn on, do the next layers, until all the circles are sewn down.

Then the Runner is finished!

I love the pretty colors of the dye paired with the white fabric and the bright thread. It makes for such a fun place setting!


Next let’s do the Pretty Vase to match the set!

I love the vibrant colors!

Materials you’ll need:

• glass vase
• white spray paint
• matte sealant
• 2 colors of cording
• rhinestones in asst. colors
• Glue (I used E-6000)


1. Start by spray painting your vase white. I used a plain freebie glass vase.

2. Once your spray paint is dry, I recommend spraying it with a matte sealant.
(This will help the paint stay on.)

3. Measure down from the top rim of the vase to where you’d like the first row of cording to start.
Make small pencil marks every few inches around the vase.
Glue on the first color of cording in two rows along your markings, making sure to pull the cording snug against the vase.
4. Repeat with the second color of cording, wrapping it under the first two rows.

5. Decide how you would like your rhinestones to look. I decided to follow the wavy pattern in my set.
M & J Trimming has some great tools for applying rhinestones!
Start by adding glue to the small syringe. Dot the glue on the vase where you’d like your first few rhinestones to go.
The syringe adds a tiny spot of glue, just where you need it.
6. Use the wooden tool to dip into the beeswax just a bit. Pick up a rhinestone with the tool and place it on the spot of glue.
The wax is just tacky enough to pick up the rhinestone but not so tacky that it won’t stick easily to the glue.

7. Once all your rhinestones are placed, the vase is finished! Let the glue dry for about 12 hours before moving the vase or adding flowers.

The vase makes such a pretty addition to the table set!



The last few 2 things I needed to use in the Challenge Box where the vibrant pink mesh ribbon and the most gorgeous silk ombre ribbon I’d ever seen. This ribbon feels so smooth and the colors are just beautiful!
Since I make a lot of necklaces on my blog, I knew that was what I had to do. I really wanted to showcase the colors in the ribbons and I love how it turned out!

Materials You’ll Need:

• Silk Ombre Ribbon
• Mesh Ribbon
• Cotton Cording (just over 2 yards)
• Silver Chain
• Fabric for neck ties (2 pieces 28″ x 5″)
• Small amount of fabric for ruffled and netting roses
• Vintage brooch or other similar piece
• Glue (I used hot glue because it dried quickly)
• Needle & Coordinating Thread
• Sewing Machine (for neck ties)


1. Begin by cutting your cording into two pieces. One 35″ and one 37″.
Fold each cording piece in half and beginning at the two cut ends, glue the halves together.
2. Repeat for the other cording piece.
3. Once the cording is glued together, start wrapping the silk ribbon around the cording. Make sure as you wrap that the colored, ombre portion of the ribbon shows. You don’t want to cover up the gorgeousness. 😉
Add a dot of glue at the beginning and then every few inches to help hold the cord in place. Not too much because you don’t want to have the glue show through.

4. Wrap the other cord as well. Shape them just a bit so that they both form a “U” shape, with the smaller cord inside the larger one.

5. Hand sew the two left wrapped ends together with a few stitches. Without cutting your thread, sew the top link in your silver chain to the two cordings. Knot and cut your thread.

6. Lay out your cording so that the chain is under the wrapped cording pieces. Loop the chain around the left, longer cording piece and bring it around through the two cording pieces.
Bring the chain around the right, shorter cord piece and then back through between them. Pull the chain snug without being too tight.

7. Continue wrapping the chain around the cording pieces, keeping the “U” shape intact as much as you can. Finish off the other end by hand stitching the chain and the two ends together.

8. Trim off any excess chain.
9. With your cut fabric pieces, on one short side turn the fabric to the wrong side in a small fold and hem the side down.
Fold the rectangles right sides together so that you have a long rectangular tube. Sew the ends together starting with the hemmed end and tapering to a point at the other end.
10. Trim the curved end. Turn right sides out and press.

11. Around each cording end, wrap a few inches of the mesh ribbon. This will help hold the cording pieces together and add a really fun texture to the top of the cording.
12. Slide the hemmed end of the fabric tie over the cording end. Make sure you leave some of the mesh ribbon showing.
13. Pull the tie so the seam is away from the cording. On the back side, hand sew the mesh ribbon down and sew the tie down along the edge.

14. Pull the tie snug and fold the extra fabric back over the cording. Stitch the edge and a little bit of the fold down.

15. Now the basic part of the necklace is finished. Time for some embellishing!

16. Make a ribbon rosette out of the silk ombre ribbon and a 2 other flowers out of coordinating fabric. I used a solid dark pink and a light pink netting.
Add the rosette and the solid flower to the right side of the necklace, where the tie ends.
You can add a vintage brooch or a fun button between them.

17. To add a little more texture, add a larger netting flower behind the others, to the back of the cording.

And that finishes off the necklace!

I love the way the ribbon and the chain look woven together. I think it makes the ribbon even more eye catching!

I hope you liked the projects – I would love for you to come visit my blog sometime and check things out!

Thank you so much M & J Trimming for including me in the challenge this year! It was so much fun and an honor to participate!

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Homemade by Jill – M&J Challenge 2

Hello, M&J Trimming friends!  I’m Jill from Homemade by Jill, and I am thrilled to participate in this challenge.  M&J Trimming was my very favorite craft supply store during my four years in New York City.  While it is still fun to browse the website, there is nothing like stepping into the actual store – not to be missed on a trip to NYC, in my opinion!

When I opened my mystery box of supplies, I was totally stumped by the materials.  It was beautiful but daunting.  I must have stared at that box everyday for over two weeks before getting to work.  I finally embraced the neon-ness (so hot this season!) and things quickly came together from there.

For my first project, I made a pair of bracelets using the braided leather cording. 


Materials used:
Braided Leather Cording in Teal and Orange
Grosgrain Ribbon in Teal
Gutermann thread in Teal and Yellow
vintage buttons from my own collection
sewing machine
hot glue

Quad-Braid Button Bracelet instructions:

  1. cut the leather cording into four 11-inch lengths
  2. super glue the four strands together at one end
  3. braid into a 4-strand braid as pictured:  1) cross strands 1 and 2, and strands 3 and 4,  2)  cross middle strands,  3) cross far right over, cross far left under, 4) cross middle strands, left over right
  4. The finished braid will measure approximately 9 inches.
  5. Prepare the ribbon.  Fold the ends twice and sew to secure.  One end should be large enough to add a button hole (the size is determined by the size of the button you use) and the other end is folded under just to hide the cut edge of the ribbon.  The total length of my prepared ribbon was about 9.5 inches.
  6. Hot glue the braid to the ribbon, starting just below the button hole, as shown.
  7. Wrap the cut ends of the braid with an additional length of grosgrain ribbon, hot gluing to secure.
  8. Sew a button on the opposite end of the button hole.

All-Out Neon Button Bracelet instructions:
  1. Prepare the grosgrain ribbon, same as above:  Fold the ends twice and sew to secure.  One end should be large enough to add a button hole (the size is determined by the size of the button you use) and the other end is folded under just to hide the cut edge of the ribbon.  The total length of my prepared ribbon was about 9.5 inches.  I added some decorative top-stitching to the edges of this ribbon.
  2. Sew a button hole into one end.
  3. Cut two lengths of orange leather cording approximately 7 inches long.
  4. Hot glue the leather cording side by side along the middle of the grosgrain ribbon, starting just below the button hole loop, as pictured.
  5. Wrap the cut ends with additional lengths of grosgrain ribbon and secure with hot glue.
  6. Sew a button on the opposite end of the button hole.




For my second project, I made Rosette Hair Clips for my baby, Ruby. The hand-dyed silk ribbon creates a bold, beautiful flower, and the texture of the grosgrain ribbon helps keep the clip in her baby-fine hair.

Materials used:
Grosgrain Ribbon in Teal
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon in Hot Flash
yellow rhinestones
metal alligator hair clips
hot glue gun
super glue


  1. Starting from the inside, hot glue grosgrain ribbon to an alligator clip.  Glue the ribbon, wrapping tightly around both the inside and outside of the clip, taking care to seal the ribbon to the edges.
  2. Using the Hand-Dyed ribbon, fold over twice to a 1/4 width and begin rolling the rosette.  Continue twisting and rolling the ribbon, securing with hot glue about every other twist.
  3. When you’ve reached the desired rosette size, secure the tail of the ribbon to the bottom of the rosette with hot glue.
  4. Glue the rosette to the ribbon-covered hair clip.
  5. Glue a rhinestone to the center of the rosette using a dab of super glue.



For my last project, I decided to make a toddler-sized butterfly costume.  It was actually my husband’s idea, which surprised me because he usually doesn’t get involved in the crafty stuff.

I brought the finished wings to my playgroup, and they were very popular with the toddler set – both boys and girls. I love the toddler years, because there is still no boy stuff vs. girl stuff … it’s all fun!

Materials used:

  • RIT Dye in Teal
  • RIT Dye in Yellow
  • Rhinestone Starter Kit
  • Grosgrain Ribbon in Teal
  • Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon in Hot Flash
  • Mesh Ribbon in Hot Pink
  • one baby onesie
  • four wire pants hangers
  • one pair white ladies nylons
  • elastic lace
  • glitter paint
  • hot glue
  • super glue

Toddler Butterfly Dress-Up instructions:

  1. Start with four wire pants hangers.  Remove the cardboard tube and straighten the sides.
  2. Bend the shoulders of the hanger to create a circle and hook the end loops together.  Using pliers, bend the loops closed to secure.
  3. Shape the hangers into upper and lower wings.  Upper wings should be round, and the lower wings should be more of an oval shape.
  4. Using pliers, bend the hanger top hooks into flat loops.
  5. Cover the each piece entirely with duct tape.  In hindsight, white duct tape would be preferable.
  6. Tape the four wing pieces together using duct tape.
  7. Dye the nylons following the instructions on the RIT package.  You may notice in the slideshow that I dyed my nylons after attaching them to the wings – I wouldn’t recommend doing this.  My original plan was to spray the dye from a spray bottle so the wings would be spotted, but it just didn’t work.  The dye ran, and I had to spray the wings a solid color.  So in this case, do as I say, not as I do!
  8. Cover each wing piece with the dyed nylons.  I used the feet of the nylons for the top of each wing.  For the bottom wings, cut off the remaining leg of each nylon, turn them inside out, tie a knot at one end, and turn them right side out again.  Then stretch the tube over the bottom wing portion as you did with the top.
  9. Tie the cut ends of the nylons together across the center of the wing base.
  10. Now comes the fun part – embellish the wings!  I wrapped the teal grosgrain ribbon (secured with hot glue) around the center wing base to hide the remainder of the duct tape and hot glued glued a silk rosette to the center (to match the hair clips).   The mesh ribbon was cut into shapes and super glued to the wings in a pattern.  The rhinestones were also super glued to the wings.  I used a silver glitter paint around the wing edges to conceal the darkness of the duct tape beneath the nylons.
  11. Add two loops of stretchy elastic to the back of the wings to wear as a costume.  My loops measured about 14 inches each and were hot glued to the wings.  The wings fit toddlers ages 1-3.
  12. If you have a baby butterfly, dye a onesie with the teal RIT dye to match their fancy butterfly wings. 

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Glitter ‘n Glue – M&J Challenger 2!

Kristen Turner has a taste for life’s glittery things, but a bank account that can’t support it. Glitter ‘N Glue is dedicated to every fashion forward girl with champagne dreams living on a beer budget. And we’re happy she was a challenger this year!

Dolce and Gabbana inspired Zebra sparkling flats


  • White Flats from H&M
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Colorful Rhinestones


Step 1: Use your black Sharpie Marker to draw Zebra pattern onto the shoe

 Step 2: Apply rhinestones to the toe of the shoe


Turban Headband


  • Ribbon
  • Headband
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cut the ribbon into four pieces, layer pieces 2 on top of each other in an X formation

 Step 2: Fold the ends of the pieces over so that they meet each other

 Step 3: Add glue to the top of the headband and glue “knot” to the top of the headband. 

Step 4: Glue down the lose ends to the end of the headband. Secure with clip while it dries.


 Beach Bag


  • Straw bag
  • Rite Dye
  • Colorful Tread, Raffia


Step1: Prepare Rite Dye and dip bag. While dyeing, also dip in the raffia if you wish to use it.

Step 3: Use thread or dyed raffia to embroider personal message to the beach bag


Braided Leather Bracelet


  • Braided Leather
  • Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  •  Button or Toggle


Step 1 – Cute leather and add Toggle/ Button to it

Step 2 – Make a loop at the opposite end of and wrap wire around the braid to secure loop

Step 3- Wrap wire around the opposite end of the leather to secure toggle/ button


Oversized Floral Brooch 


  • Ribbon
  • Wire
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pin


Step1: Gather ribbon into a roll, pinching the middle of the roll

Step 2: Fold over the roll of ribbon

Step 3: Cut a “V” shape into the end of the roll. Wrap wire around the middle to secure

Step 4:  Pull apart folds to reveal floral bow

Step 5:  Add safety pin to the back to wear as a brooch


for more fun DIY’s and Inspiration

M&J Challenge

By Blerona

M&J Trimming has come up with a new challenge… for bloggers. We recently received new trims in our NYC retail store and we love how inspiring they looked.  Therefore, we decided to put together a challenge for some of our favorite bloggers.

How does the challenge work? We hand picked some of nicest trimmings, packaged them up and mailed each of the same trims to the bloggers. Their challenge is to craft a creative DIY using the trimmings that we sent them. They can use all the trims in one project or they can use each trim in a different DIY, but catching is that they have to use all of the trims.

On June 9th all of the Creative DIY’s will go up on our blog and where we can see all of the creative DIYs that each blogger came up with!

Here’s A Sneak Peek of What We Sent Each Blogger! 

Meet Our M&J Challengers!

Alisa From Alisa Burke

Alisa Burke is a freelance painter and mixed media artist who studied fine art at Portland State University. With a background in painting and printmaking, a desire to explore and push materials, Alisa is always looking for new ways to break the rules and redefine art. She’s also been exhibited in a variety of galleries, books, and appeared as a guest artist on the DIY Network show Craft Lab and Quilting Arts TV on PBS.

Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Cheri is a mother of two boys. She loves to take pictures, sew and refashion, write music, decorate, craft, paint, and eat.  She spends a lot of time blogging her creations and recently started a hair accessory business with her sister.  Cheri loves creating and always has a project or scheme in the works.

Disney from Ruffles and Stuff

Disney is a passionate sewer and crafter, and has been since she was 6 years old, when she started making quilts with her mother. Her other loves are photography, nature, and strawberry pop tarts. She lives with her husband and daughter in Washington state, where they enjoy lots of rain and coffee. 

Maegan from Love Maegan

Honest LA blogger who posts daily about fashion, her own style via her “Completely Gratuitous Outfit Posts”, DIY projects and home decor as well as general lifestyle, fertility & thoughts on being a {30-something} woman in today’s world.

Nicole from Sketch 42

After years as a freelance writer in NYC  and a major home renovation, Nicole decided to join the conversation with her blog Sketch42. In it she discusses her love of fashion, food and furniture, as well as her unhealthy addiction to reality TV shows. She invites her readers into her home as she chronicles her forage into interior design, her many art projects and DIY attempts.

Sachiko from Tea rose home

Sachiko started blogging in 2008 and hasn’t stopped ever since. She loves getting to know different people in the blogging community and gets inspired by most of her fellow bloggers. She loves creating stitchery patterns, quilts, and sew clothing. We love that she’s a big fan of repurposing clothing and refinishing furniture.

Sarah from 2gigglesboxes

You could say Sarah’s inspiration is ‘all in the family.’ She learned all of her skills and knowledge about crafting from her own mother. And now after having two little beautiful girls, Sarah’s love for crafting and sewing started once again from the inspiration of her children. Nothing is more fulfilling for Sarah than taking a piece of fabric and turning it into something unique and useful for a bright, smiling face!