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The Perfect Wedding Cake

Besides deciding on the flavor of your cake, most brides and grooms are also concern about the appearance of the cake itself.  After all, it’s one of the most important part of your wedding day and your first anniversary.  Leave the flavor of the cake to your taste bud because I’m pretty sure you’ll know what you like.  As for the adornment of the cake, that’s the important part.  Of course you want something memorable and matches the theme of your wedding.  This can easily be done by using satin ribbons and Swarovski rhinestones.Just use colors that best matches your theme.    For instance, the cake above used 5/8″ and 7/8″ satin ribbon in baby blue and black.  The flowers on the cake were also embellished with Swarovski flatbacks.  Who would have thought that ribbons and crystals can make a big difference on a cake that leave memories of a lifetime. 

You can also use crystal sprays on top of the cake.   If you’re really like to customize your cake, you can add a personalized printed ribbon.  It can have your names and the wedding date on it.  Then embellish it with some rhinestones. 

Cake Jewelry

By Kristin


Cake jewelry is a popular item that Brides call me for daily.  Although M&J Trimming don’t sell premade cake jewelry, you can easily use M&J products to create your own custom look.  When I was browsing through M&J for ideas for the blog, I noticed these gorgeous crystal spray and pearl sprays.  I was inspired immediately! 

Take the sprays and arrange them so the stems are all lined up and the sprays create nice large flower look.  Tape the top, middle, and bottom to secure for wiring.  Take a piece of beading wire and wrap it (starting at the top) around the stems until you reach the bottom, clip the excess wire.  You can then simply place the new large stem directly into the cake.

Another way to do it is to take one stem, surround it with 4 stems positioned slightly lower (by 1″), position the remaining 7 stems around those 4 another inch lower.  Tape and wrap the same way as before.  This will create a tiered firework effect with the sprays.

If you want a fuller look, try 2 or even 3 packs of sprays.  You can also mix the rhinestone sprays with the pearl sprays for a multi-textured look.  Rhinestone buttons can be added to the tiers with ribbon to carry the cake topper look to the rest of the cake.