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Inspiration: Belts and Buckles

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we’d like to make a case for belts. They are a great way to spice up a plain outfit, a tool to flatter the figure, and obviously a device to give baggy pants new life! Have you been converted yet? The pictures below might help you make up your mind.

Here’s an amazing belt we found on the BSOUP blog. Although this bejeweled belt from Anthropologie is no longer available, it’s easy to recreate with some jewels and ribbon from M&J Trimming!

Veronika, formerly of Girl and Closet, used this belt to cinch the waist  of her dress and pull the look together. We love that bold closure, and check out that background scenery! Beautiful.

Neon Pink J.Crew Belt

Imagine rocking this skinny J. Crew belt with a crisp white shirt and slim camel trousers. It’s simple and sophisticated, but the color will wake up any outfit!


This belt looks just like a Ouija board. It’s pretty cool, and also a little creepy. Perfect for Halloween!

Double Buckle Western Belt

We are loving this Alexander McQueen double buckle belt! The embossed leather is amazing, and we are particularly fond of the Western-style buckles. Why? You’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Runway Inspiration

Prabal Gurung delivered an amazing collection during Fall 2013 NYFW.  It had a very strong military vibe that we love!  Every harness and buckled shoe that walked across that runway left us inspired to create our own!  Now it’s time to head over to our collections of leather and buckles and start getting creative!







images via Vogue


DIY Alexander McQueen Belt

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By Sketch42blog

Nicole from Sketch42blog shared a fun and chic DIY with us and we love it. It’s easy to make a looks great on.My husband thinks I’m crazy with all these DIYs I’ve been compulsively making. I made this Alexander Mcqueen belt for two reasons. 1. I love the original. 2. Because I JUST HAD TO TRY!

Doesnt mean I should, and by no means do I think a faux leather, glued together belt could compare to the sumptuousness of the real thing… The belt is so classically pretty, its one of those things you would buy and keep forever.

Glue Gun
40mm Faux Leather Bias Binding Item#42152  (Call 1-800-9-MJTRIM)
35mm Round Interlock Buckle Item# 45885 (Call 1-800-9-MJTRIM)

1. Start by measuring your waist. The kind of buckle I used doesnt allow for multiple sizing, so yo have to get this right the first time. Then cut the leather tape leaving an inch to fold over onto the back.

2. Fasten both ends of the belt to the two halves of the buckle. Fold it over and glue with a gluegun.

3. Make a bow using the extra piece of tape. Glue in place

4. Cut a different piece  of tape down the length so its a bit thinner.

5. Wrap it around the bow and secure with glue.

6. Glue the entire bow onto the side of the buckle on a slight tilt.

And there you have it! 

Making a Belt With M&J

By Blerona

Spring is FINALLY Here!! And I just had to make something, anything to wear in the spring and I thought why not a belt. It’s super easy and goes with everything. Hope you enjoy these easy steps for the Spring breeze.


Step 1: Glue the ends of the braided trim so it doesn’t fray. Then slip the trim throught the buckle and throught the prong.

Step 2: Glue the end to the trim to hold in place.

Step 3: Take the 5/8″ Grosgrain ribbon and glue around the trim for a finishing look. You can also sew it for extra protction.

Step 4: Take the 1.5″ Grosgrain ribbon and glue both ends of the ribbon so ribbon does not fray. Place glue on the other end of the braided trim and place the ribbon on top.

Step5: Then sew it in place.




Father's Day Ideas


Father’s day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about a creative Father’s day gift.  If you haven’t decided what you want to give your Dad yet, then this post is for you. 

 You can easily customize something especially for him.  There’s no one else out there like your Dad and there’s definitely only one of him.  So why not customize something unique that’s just for him?

It’ll definitely bring you back to those elementary days when you use to handcraft a gift for him at school.  Create something useful for him like a belt.  They’re easy to make with leather trims and your choice of buckles. 

 Another good idea is to add a bullion crest onto a baseball cap for him.  He’ll need one in this hot summer weather.  Good luck and keep checking back for some more fun ideas for Father’s day.