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Top 5 Menswear Inspired DIYs

The great thing about menswear accessories these days is that they look very chic when worn on a woman!  These five DIYs are not only very simple to do but will look awesome on that special man in your life and on you!

DIY Button Cufflinks via Creme de la Craft


DIY Pocket Squares via Mad In Crafts


DIY Bow Tie via Honestly WTF


DIY Skinny Tie via Design Mom


DIY Baroque Baseball Cap via Missta x Cocorosa


DIY Bow Hair Accessory

By Roseann

As I mentioned in a previous post, hair accessories are quite big this season.  Large eccentric bows were part of many spring 2010 collections including; Marc Jacobs, Milly, Jason Wu, and Cynthia Steffe.  The looks were over the top, but when worn on the streets we want to tone it down just a little.  Using a satin ribbon a little elastic and some glue I created my own version.  This project is easy and quick but the out come is chic.





    1. Determine how large you’d like your bow to be.  I created a bow approximately 10” across.
    2. I folded the ribbon in half and measured down from the center 10” and then glued, so that I was left with a 10” loop.
    3. I then glued the area I just closed to the center so that I was now left with 2 5” loops.
    4. You can cut a 3” piece off the end of your ribbon, fold and glue so that this piece is now 2” by 1”.
    5. Wrap this smaller piece around the center of the 2 loops.
    6. Secure with glue in the back
    7. Take a measurement around your head. Cut the loose ends of the ribbon down so that they are 2” smaller than your head measurement.
    8. Fold unfinished ends under about ½” and secure with glue
    9. Glue elastic to the center of the loose ribbon ends, then fold the ribbon around and secure with glue.
    10. Wear and enjoy.