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Country Living Craft Ideas

By Blerona

Heres a fun way to create your own bookmark with Country Living, using our Velvet Ribbon the bookmarks came out beautiful! I will definitely have to try, I’m a major bookworm. Be sure to check out the rest of they Practically Free Crafts here


Charming Bookmark 

Magnetic Twilight Saga Bookmark

By Dara




Okay, I have a confession to make.  While everyone is soaking in the Gossip Girl trend, I’ve been hooked on the Twilight saga.  Yeah, I know it’s a teen book, but I can’t get enough of it.  I’m currently reading ‘Eclipse’.  I definitely recommend the Twilight saga.  Lately, reading has definitely made me feel more productive than watching TV until I fall asleep. 

 Anyways, when I first bought ‘Twilight’, I got the special collector’s edition.  It came with a nice red satin ribbon attached to it as a bookmark.  The other three books didn’t come with the ribbon; which made me feel a little empty.  Lucky for me, I work at M&J Trimming.  So I decided to make my own ribbon bookmark.  However, I also wanted to add a little creativity to this easy project and made it a magnetic bookmark.  Here are the materials and instructions.







  1. Using the scissors, trim the plastic seal around the magnet so that it fits within the 7/8″ ribbon
  2. After you finish trimming it, add a few drops of glue around what’s left of the plastic seal. 
  3. Then place one of the magnets on the back side of the single face satin ribbon.  The magnet should be at the end of the ribbon.
  4. Add glue onto the other side of the plastic seal and fold the ribbon over so that the magnet is cover.  Be careful not to use too much glue.
  5. Now repeat the steps with the other magnet, but on the other end of the ribbon.  After that’s done, let it dry for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. Once everything is dry, you can add glue to the back of your button and place that over the magnet, but of course on the side where you can’t see the fold of the ribbon.  Repeat this with the other button.
  7. If you’ve chose to use a regular shank button with a flat back, then carefully use the pliers to take off the shank.  Then you can add the glue and place it over the magnet. 
  8. If you don’t want to use buttons, you can also use appliqués. 
  9. Now you’re all done and ready to snap your bookmark in place. 

Bookmark Your Relaxing Day (Ribbon Bookmark)

By Dara

There are certain days when it seems as though the world is moving at the speed of light.  Therefore, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back, relax and enjoy some quite alone time.  For millions and myself, quality time lying in bed or on a comfortable couch with a good book sounds pretty nice, especially on a cold rainy day. 

 This week, I’ve decided to put together a nice bookmark.  I tend to lose my place so this will come in handy.  I used a thick colored stock paper.  Using scissors, I cut off 2″ x 7″.  Then with a hole-punch, I punched the top middle of the paper.  With some cute shell buttons, I was able to embellish my bookmark.  I also found a cute artwork and glued that onto the paper using gem-tac glue.  Keep it mind that the bookmark should be light.  That’s the main reason why I chose shell buttons for decoration.  I then tied a black tassel through the hole at the top of the bookmark.  To finish it off, I glued two ¼” grosgrain ribbons to the back.  My ribbons measured 1 yd long, but yours can be as long or as short as you like as long as it is longer than your book. Remember not to use too much glue when you make yours.  It’ll end up wrinkling the bookmark and make it too heavy.  When using the bookmark, you can tie a bow at the end of the ribbon.  Then tada!  You’re all ready for your relaxing day!