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Blogger Highlight: By Wilma

We’re currently obsessing over all of the DIY projects from By Wilma, a lovely bLovnlog run by a very crafty gal. Wilma’s projects range from washi tape chopsticks to adorable lace shorts. See our favorite projects below and stop by By Wilma for more!

DIY Braided Wrap Bracelet

DIY Belt Camera Strap

DIY Lace Candle Holder

Blogger Highlight: Fellow Fellow


Lately, Fellow Fellow has been at the very top of our blog reading list. Claire’s lovely blog is filled with design, fashion, and cute DIY projects, and we’re constantly checking to see what she has up her sleeve. We picked out our favorite of Claire’s DIYs below, but pop by Fellow Fellow to see more!

DIY Votives


DIY Bracelet

DIY Lace Cement Votives

Blogger Highlight: Into Mind

If you’re on the hunt for great jewelry DIYs, look no further than Into Mind, a fantastic blog run by Anuschka. Anuschka has created some of our favorite jewelry tutorials, and she also shares her outfits and style inspiration on her blog. Pop over to Into Mind to see more of her incredible projects!

DIY Silver Slave Bracelet

DIY Woven Curb Chain Bracelet

DIY Pastel Braid Bracelet

Blogger Highlight: Clones ‘N’ Clowns

We added Clones ‘N Clowns to our reading list as soon as we saw her Celtic heart knot necklace. And as the projects kept coming, we started falling more and more in love with Aimee’s awesome DIY projects. Fringe, rhinestones, flowers, this girl does it all! See our favorite projects below and pop over to Clones ‘N Clowns for more.

DIY Celtic Heart Knot Necklace

DIY Dip Dye Fringe Dress

DIY Rhinestone Embellished Flats

Blogger Highlight: A Girl Who Makes

We recently stumbled upon A Girl Who Makes, a DIY blog run by Laura Parke. Creating everything from leather belts to napkin rings, she truly is a “girl who makes” and we’re following her every step of the way. Her tutorials are incredibly easy to follow, and we love getting a peek into her crafty life. See our favorites of Laura’s tutorials below, and head over to A Girl Who Makes for more!

DIY Wrapped Napkin Ring

DIY Braided Drink Markers

DIY Painted Wooden Bead Necklace

Blogger Highlight: Taylor & Demolish

Candy of Taylor and Demolish has been one of our favorite DIY bloggers for quite some time now. From pearls to glitter, we love seeing the different ways she embellishes her clothing – her projects are so unique! The NYC girl is a familiar face in the M&J Trimming store, and we always get excited to see what she makes next. We were lucky enough to get to chat with Candy about her DIYs. Keep reading to see her interview!

How did you get started as a blogger and a DIYer?  
My DIYing skilling started when I was a kid.  I will never forget the night my mom took me to Toys-R-Us when I was 8 years old to buy a Barbie doll for Show’n’Tell.  The night before Show’n’Tell, I made a necklace from baubles from old barrettes and a shoelace.  When it was my turn to present, I decided not to show off the doll so I stuffed it into my bookbag and presented the necklace.  To this day, my mom still doesn’t know I wasted her money (but I guess she will now lol).  Now looking back, I know it was at that moment that my destiny was determined!

My blog didn’t happen by chance.  I planned my blog an entire year before the launch.  I came up with the name, saved and bought my DSLR, created a business plan, planned a ton of DIY projects, and promoted it before I even launched.  It’s the businesswoman in me.

Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs? 
Tumblr!  There are so many great streetstyle, runway, destination, and random pictures that I am able to find hidden DIYs in.  It’s like a massive treasure chest!

Which of your DIY projects is your favorite?
My favorite always changes, but for now I will have to go with my DIY chained collar tips. It’s the most ridiculously easy thing I’ve ever made.

Have you noticed any upcoming DIY trends?
Since the summer is almost here, I can’t wait to see all of the DIY cutoff shorts that will hit the streets of NYC.  Stencil tribal prints, stencil floral designs, dip dyed, studded, distressed…the possibilities are endless so I have a ton of these in the works!

What advice would you give to DIY beginners?  
Invest in a giant sketchpad. I always write out what it is I am going to do or sketch out what I am going to do.  It is crazy how many mistakes you can avoid with a simple plan.

What are your DIY must-haves?
Studs and spikes!  I always walk around with some in a ziploc in my handbag.

Blogger Highlight: Acid Dreams and Sugar Highs

We just stumbled upon up-and-coming DIY blog Acid Dreams and Sugar Highs and we’re really loving it. Leather, studs, and neon? That’s right up our alley. See our fave projects below and stop by Acid Dreams and Sugar Highs for more.

Studded White Leather Bracelet

Bleached Skinny Jeans

Neon Stick Necklace

Blogger Highlight: Studs and Pearls

No matter what craziness erupts in the DIY world, we know we can always fall back on Kirsten from Studs and Pearls for great DIY projects. The New Yorker constantly inspires us with her original tutorials, adorable jewelry, and edgy clothing. Her site is definitely one of our daily reads, and of course we love that she’s a frequent visitor of M&J Trimming! We adored her creations when she was our Blogger of the Month last May, so we wanted to catch up with Kirsten and steal all of her DIY secrets. Check out her interview below!
How did you get started as a blogger and a DIYer?
I’ve been making and creating things for as long as I can remember, so I suppose I’ve technically been a “DIYer” my entire life. It’s something that’s always been second nature to to me and has always been a significant part of everything I do. As for blogging, I started in July of 2010. I was always making fashion projects as it is, and finally came to the realization that it would be almost impossible to solely shop for things that truly expressed my evolving taste and style. I also always believed that true style doesn’t have to come from a certain store or a brand, and really wanted to support this concept. I decided to create a blog to share my DIY projects, in order to show that there’s more to fashion than the monetary value. Even if I didn’t start studs & pearls, I’d still be making all of these projects.The only difference is that I’m sharing them with readers from all over the world.
Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs?
Many different places. Most of my ideas come from seeing items in stores, on the web or sometimes even on other people. I have a really photographic memory, so when I see something, it sometimes reminds me of something else I’ve seen in the past…thus resulting in a project idea. Often, inspiration stems from simply seeing or working with certain materials or supplies.

Which of your DIY projects is your favorite?
So far, one of my favorites have been the Studded Trench Coat (inspired by Burberry), however I’m planning on redoing this to make it even more awesome! Another favorite is the Leather Sleeved Denim Jacket, which is in constant rotation in my wardrobe. Other favorites are the Multi-Strand Chain Watch (so useful!) and all of the bracelet projects.
Have you noticed any upcoming DIY trends?

Neon and ombre are still going pretty strong, as well as lace in every style and form.

What advice would you give to DIY beginners?

Don’t be afraid to try a new technique or work with a new material. You really never know how it will turn out until you try. Most people I talk to who are hesitant to try DIY projects are scared of messing up…which, to be honest, isn’t even a bad thing! The awesome thing about making things is that you can always just try again. If you’re working with something of value, like a favorite shirt or jacket, try doing a test run on a thrifted or old piece of clothing. Another piece of advice would be to use the Internet to your advantage. If you can’t figure out how to do a certain method or want to learn about certain materials, Google is just a few clicks away.

What are your must-have DIY supplies?
Black and white thread, sewing needles, super glue, a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors, and jewelry pliers. There’s a really good chance you’ll use at least one of these items in any DIY project!

Blogger Highlight: Passions For Fashion

Our latest blogger obsession is Christina, the super crafty girl behind Copenhagan-based blog Passions for Fashion. Her DIY tutorials cover everything from jewelry to home decor, and they are always quite tasteful and on-trend. We’re particularly in love with her feather earrings – we must DIY those ASAP! Keep reading to see a few more of Christina’s projects, and stop by Passions for Fashion to get more DIY updates.

DIY Feather Earrings

Christina’s homemade crystal jewelry

DIY Hex Nut Bracelet

Blogger Highlight: Our Brick House

Laura of Our Brick House is a new face around the blogosphere, but after seeing her DIYs, we expect she’ll become the next big DIY blogger in no time. Laura’s blog is a mashup of fashion, lifestyle, and DIY tutorials, and its easy to see that she’s quite a stylish girl. We sorted through her DIYs and picked out our favorites – see them below and stop by Our Brick House for more!

Studs & Spikes Friendship Bracelets

Studded Colored Denim Shorts

Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet