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Espadrille Flats DIY

We love the look of canvas flats for warm weather, but sometimes they need a bit of an upgrade! We took a pair of basic flats and gave them a warm-weather makeover with some jute trim and colorful appliques!


What You’ll Need:

 1/4” Jute Braid – Dark

2 2” Bullion Beaded Appliqué

Canvas Flats from Rainbow $12.99




1. Place glue around the bottom of the edge of your shoe platform.


2. Glue a row of jute trim to the bottom of your shoe.


3. Glue another row of jute above the first row of trim.


4. Glue your applique onto the center of the front of the shoe, and let it dry. You can also sew your applique on for added security.


DIY: Fun Clutch


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By Julissa

Hey everyone… Whats one of the most important accessory we need to go with our outfit?…A pocket book of course…these days, no female walks out without carrying a pocket book with her to carry all of her essentials. Whether  if it’s a tote, cross body bag, shoulder bag, or clutch, a female always has one with her. Do you want the stylish pocket book. Well, I created two stylish looks for a plain clutch… You can also purchase a low price clutch or dress up any old clutch or pocket book you have at home.

Plain Clutch

Take this plain clutch and turn it into something fun!

Beaded Bow Applique Clutch



  • Take the 1/4 yd piece of silver ribbon, take one end of the ribbon and turn it over so you can have two pieces of ribbon on each side. It should look like the following image.
  • You then glue it down on the clutch, any position you wish.
  • Do the same with the 8” black ribbon. Its going to be smaller than the silver ribbon, you then glue on top the silver ribbon.
  • You then take the applique and glue it on top of the ribbon.

Flower Brooch Clutch



  • First take the 1/4 yd black satin ribbon, take both ends and glue them in the middle of the ribbon (it should look like a bow). Then glue it on to the clutch, an position you desired.
  • Do the same with the 8” lemon colored ribbon and glue it on top of the black satin ribbon. So far, it should look like a two layer bow.
  • Do the same with the 6” pink ribbon and glue it on top of the lemon color ribbon. It should now look like a three layer bow.
  • The flower used on the clutch is a brooch, so it will have the pin in the back, simply just push the brooch in like it was a blouse, then close it. Your will place the flower brooch so one of the petals is covering the middle of the bow. Take your hot glue gun and pour a tiny drop of glue in the middle of the bow and push the flower petal down.

DIY Slashed and Braided T-Shirt

By Roseann

As you all may know cutting up a simple shirt and making a glam addition to a wardrobe happens to be my favorite DIY project.  I Simple T-shirt is a great canvas for a creative mind.  Today I would like to show how to braid a T-shirt, it is very simple and the result is always funky and chic.





    1. Remove the collar from T-shirt.
    2. Find center back and mark with a pin.
    3. Beginning 1” down from the back neckline mark a line 8” across.  Be sure it is center.
    4. Mark 10 lines decreasing the size by 1” every other, your final line should be 4” across.
    5. Using a blade or scissors cut open your markings creating strips.
    6. Grab the second strip and loop around the one above by pulling it behind and then over.
    7. Continue braiding and stitch the last piece to the inside of the final slash.
    8. Stitch the appliqué on to the shirt at the end of the braid to create a finished look.


By Milton


Ladies, it’s that time again.  This Sunday, M&J Trimming will be hosting another headband workshop.  You’ll be able to learn how to create some dazzling DIY headbands like the one I made here.  Call 1-800-9-MJTRIM to register. 

For this headband, I used a large plastic headband that I got from a local discount store.  With a 2″ wide satin ribbon, I simply covered the headband using unique stitch glue.  After that dried, I glued a beaded appliqué onto the side.  Then Tada!  It’s really that simple. 


Bridal Headband

By Kristin



Winter is here in NYC and the air is cold.  I can start to see the sign of snow and I was inspired by this.  I noticed while looking at bridal head wear that headbands made of luxurious ribbons are very much ‘In’.  Taking a cue from Milton’s headband blog, I went a little more bridal with mine.  For the winter bride I used a white Silk Satin Ribbon and a Snow Flake beaded and rhinestone appliqué.

 First, I tied a bow about 1/3 of the way into the ribbon.  Then I applied the appliqué over the middle of the bow using Unique Stitch glue.  You can use any style and omit the bow if you wish.  You can even take 3 sections and braid them together to create a unique look.  To finish the headband, simply follow Milton’s instructions.