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DIY: Printed Ribbon Hair Bow

By Blerona

With the cold winter this year in NYC, I’ve begun to dream about the future summer days… and decided to make the cutest summer accessory for the little one’s. So get started on your summer projects by making an adorable printed grosgrain ribbon bow.

Materials Needed:

First step: Sew the two 4.5 Lemon Grass strips together. Be sure they are making a small X when before sewing middle. I call these the leaf pieces because they go at the end of the flower bow.

Step 2: Take one 6″ polka dotted stip and create circle and push a t-pin through.

Step three: Take one 6″ Flower ribbon and create a circle and add it to pile it onto the other polka dot ribbon. Keep doing this until you finish the polka dot and flower ribbon. Be sure to make each circle smaller as you pile them onto the t-pin. (You can do this by cutting an extra 1/2″ after each ribbon piled on.

Step 4: Now sew the piled ribbons together neatly and remove the t-pin. Then sew on the button and the ‘Leaf Ribbon” at the same time, and cut the ends of the ‘Leaf ribbon’.

Step 5: Lastly, attach a hair clip to the back of the flower ribbon, which can be purchased at any craft or drugstore. 



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