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Independence Day Outfit Inspiration

Tomorrow the stars and stripes will be out for Independence Day! Lately we’ve even been seeing a lot of outfits that aren’t just inspired by the American colors, but feature the American flag itself. We love this patriotic pattern, and we would wear it even if it wasn’t July 4th! Here are a few of our favorite ways to rock America’s colors, and look super stylish while doing it.

4faf5ecdc06f230b5eb5670c116bbe70For those chilly nights, we love a slouchy American flag sweater.  Combined with turquoise elements and blue denim shorts, this outfit screams Americana!


img44c03104e8b446fea6303e894a047f01Why just focus on one patriotic piece when you can rock an entire flag-inspired ensemble?

26d02c96a90f5cfba5bd2057fa0feb1dIf you like a more understated approach, an infinity scarf paired with white basics is a great way to go.

c45e91889886a747f8c626dedfa48c56Although lacking red, this American flag tank is still true blue and features a more abstract design.

What will you be wearing this July 4th?

4th of July DIY: Stars and Stripes Shorts

The 4th of July is almost upon us, so of course we’ve been getting ready with some American-themed DIYs! We found some awesome starred and striped ribbon in our store, so we jazzed up a pair of denim shorts and gave them some patriotic spirit. Keep reading to find out how to make it yourself!


1. Lay the starred ribbon over the top of the back pocket of your shorts, then cut it so it perfectly fits across the top of the pocket. Cut another piece of the same size. While the starred ribbon is still placed at the top of the pocket, place the striped ribbon underneath and cut it so it fits across the middle of the pocket. Cut another piece of the same size. Use the same process to create two bottom strips of the starred ribbon.

2. Flip the top piece of the starred ribbon over and add some glue to the back. Place it on the top of the back pocket and press down while glue dries.

3. Continue to glue down the other pieces of ribbon, making sure you have a starred piece at the top, then a striped piece, then another starred piece. Do this for both pockets.

4. Let the glue dry, then you’re all set. Pair your shorts with a flowy white top and a bright red bag, and rock them at 4th of July celebration!

4th of July BBQ Cups: Because beverages taste better with gingham ribbon

By Eleah


If you are hosting the hot-dog holiday event this year, try thinking, “What would Martha Stewart do?”.  Most BBQ’s I have frequented have been stocked with sleeves of plastic cups for summer beverages.  Thus far I have witnessed only weak attempts of adornment to these disposable drink holders.  And by weak attempt I mean illegible scribbling of someone’s initials at a last minute effort to rescue an abandoned cup from contamination or “sharing”.  So get out your scissors and glue America, it’s time to celebrate our country’s birthday.


(Yields 4 cups, multiply depending on how many friends you have or divide if you have no friends)

 Making the Cups:

  1. Measure out 9″ pieces of gingham ribbon
  2. Roll up one end of one piece of ribbon with your fingers to make it small enough to lace through buttons.  Refer to my blog image for suggested button arrangements. 
  3. Once your buttons are laced onto the ribbon piece, slide them so that they are centered in the middle of the ribbon.
  4. Apply E600 glue to the backside of the ribbon and some to the buttons for good measure.  Carefully place the ribbon glue side down around the cup.  Refer to blog image for placement on cup, or if placed lower simply cut off access ribbon.
  5. Set aside to dry and move on the rest of the cups.
  6. Write down the names of the people on your guest list on the cups in the coolest font possible. 
  7. Place the cups on a tray for guest to pick up as they enter.  I would suggest making some extras and leaving the Sharpie beside them for any lurkers or tag-alongs.