M&J Challenge 2!

What we sent to our M&J Challengers!

Last year’s M&J Challenge was so much fun and overwhelming with creativity that we had to do another challenge. But with New Bloggers!  We hand picked our favorite Summer Trims for 2011 and sent our new favorite bloggers the exact same trim. Their challenge is to craft a creative DIY using the trimmings that we sent them in one or more projects. Meet the M&J Challengers HERE

Whats in the Package?

5/8″ POLY GROSGRAIN RIBBON Item# 00305 in Calypso
1.5″ HAND DYED SILK SATIN RIBBON Item# 25179 in Echinacia
RIT DYE (POWDER)  Item# 46301 in Teal & Golden Yellow
THREAD 274YDS SPL Item# 42681 in Purssian and Goldenrod
GLUE-ON  KIT Item# 77334
4MM BRAIDED VINYL BOLO Item# 48591 Orange Neon and Aqua
1.5″ NET RIBBON Item# 46935 Fushsia
SS20 Flat Back Rhinestones  Assorted Colors


Here’s What They Made

Click on Photos to See Directions and Materials



Project by Alicia from



Projects by Beverly from




Project by Kristen from




Jill From




Projects by Alexis From



Think You have what it takes to be one of the next M&J Challengers ?

Send us your best DIY’s to blerona@mjtrim.com


Congratulations Beth on Winning the M&J Challenge 2! Mystery Package


83 thoughts on “M&J Challenge 2!

  1. Waoo..Love all these tutorials & specially materials,all these posts are amazing..totally smart ideas with interesting descriptions..well now i want to play this challenge..can I..??…!!!

  2. Wow! Very inspiring. I love Alexis From’s beach theme. These are some of my absolute fave colors! Thanks for the links to tutes, too!

  3. I love how each blogger’s project was so different from the next. So many great ideas; I guess the possibilities are endless!

  4. I’ve always wanted to indulge my Inner-DIY-er and these projects are the PERFECT place to start! Plus, if I win the contest, I’d have everything I need to get me started!

    Thanks to all the contestants in the challenge for the inspiration! You ROCK!

  5. OK it’s impossible to pick a favorite or five favorites from this showcase of awesomeness! Oh my gosh! You picked the right people to challenge…that’s for sure!

  6. Absolutely love all the different projects made with the same box of supplies…neat to see how everyone came up with such different ideas.


  7. GORGEOUS!! Love them all and totally want to leave my desk and go make something! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness!! These are all so fantastic! Even if I don’t win the package (which would make my week :D) I’m hitting the craft store and making at least half of these!

  9. wow, very inspiring to see what creative people can do! this is a cool idea, to challenge bloggers to make great stuff from a box of trimming!

  10. I love these kinds of challenges! It’s so inspiring to see how everyone’s personality & perspective shines through, even when using the same materials.

    I would absolutely love to win a box of these trims & have my way with them! Those colors are so bright & fun!

  11. WOW!! i cant even believe that in one box you get soo much versitility. Everything looked awesome and so many more ideas to come. deffenitly giving a turbo charge to my DIYing after seeing this!!!!

  12. I am in awe of all this talent! It amazes me how each crafter was given the same supplies, yet not one came close to copying another! What an amazing machine our mind is! So many great ideas to spin off from!

  13. Some of these creations are absolutely flawless! I would love to win the giveaway and receive so many DIY materials. Lately I have been in a DIY mood, using many of these lovely women’s DIY’s as inspiration. However, it is quite expensive to buy all the materials that I need, and this giveaway is a wonderful opportunity to win materials! 🙂 It would be a dream come true.

  14. AWESOME! Such great ideas. I especially love the way the dyes influenced the projects. I loved the kaftan and the ribbon bracelet. I also loved Maggie’s jewelry 🙂 YAY!

  15. This was a great way to show how creative people can be! I would love to be able to spend the day checking out your store….but then I would need another room for all my great finds! Way to go, crafters! Wonderful projects!

  16. Those colors are great, I love them! I have a lot of teal in my wardrobe, but I really should add more yellow . . .

  17. Wow! These projects are all so amazing, I can hardly pick a favorite, but I loved the colors of the Hand Died Silk Ribbon, I would love buy to have some of that.

  18. I would love to get this box. I think all the bracelets that the ladies made are terrific. I think that’s one of the first things I would do if I got the box.

  19. Don’t you wish that M&J Trimming would consider selling the “challenge kits” to the rest of us that will never be picked, but would love to make the crafts these ladies created.

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