M&J Challenge!

What we gave our M&J Challengers!

M&J Trimming has come up with a new challenge… for bloggers. We’ve hand picked some of nicest trimmings, and sent each of our favorite bloggers the exact same trim. Their challenge is to craft a creative DIY using the trimmings that we sent them in one or more projects. Meet the Challengers HERE.

Here’s What they Made



Sarah from


Her first Project
[slideshow id=2810246167514369647&w=450&h=340]


  • Amour Silk Dupioni 30 inches for the bow
  • ” ” ” 14 inches for longer cord covering
  • ” ” ” 10 inches for shorter cord covering
  • ” ” ” Rosettes Total= 30 inches
  • ” ” ” Large 15 inches
  • ” ” ” Medium 10 inches
  • ” ” “Small 5 inches
  • Cameo Silk Dupioni Rosettes Total= 30 inches
  • ” ” “Large 25 inches
  • ” ” “Medium 20 inches
  • ” ” “Small 15 inches
  • Lace 24 inches long x 1 inch wide
  • Cording 24 inches

Other Materials

  • 6×8 wooden plaque
  • Krylon spray paint Ivory Satin Indoor/Outdoor
  • Krylon Clear for the water-slide Decal
  • clear water-slide decal paper
  • staple gun
  • Not Shown in Picture
  • Mod Podge
  • sponge brush
  • ivory felt
  • glue gun
  • needle
  • scissors
  • computer
  • printer
  • sewing machine


  • Step 1: Place the plaque on a pedestal. Spray one coat of paint on the front and sides. Wait 30 minutes and spray a coat on the back. Wait an hour until completely dry.
  • Step2: I decided it wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it so I sanded the plaque. You might want to sand before you put your first coat of spray paint on the plaque.;)
  • Step3:Spray another coat front and back.This plaque has two coats of paint.
  • Step4: I used Microsoft Word to create my saying.  I decided to use “Knock Please…Baby Sleeping.” I used Harrington font style and a font size of 65.
  • Step 5; Print it out on the inkjet water-slide decal paper and use Krylon Clear spray to spray 3 coats on the decal paper. Let it dry for an hour. You can find out more on how to apply a water-slide decal here
  • Step 6: Meanwhile…measure around the plaque. It measured 24 inches.
  • Step7: Measure and cut the lace 24 inches to fit around the plaque.
  • Step 8: Place the plaque on the pedestal and apply Mod Podge to the lace around the edge of the plaque.
  • Step 9: Let it dry for an hour and trim the excess lace from the plaque. Spray paint the lace trim so it will “blend in” with the plaque.
  • Step 10: Now for the rosettes…Measure out the silk trim. The size of the rosette depends on how long you cut the fabric and how wide it is.
  • Step 11: Make the second color (Amour) half as long as the first (Cameo).
  • Step 12: Place the pink silk(Amour) on top of the cream(Cameo) silk and fold it in half…And began to roll.
  • Step 13: Sew a pearl in the center of the rosette.
  • Step 14: Then use the same thread to close up the back of the rosette.
  • Step 15: Cover the back of the rosette with felt. Apply using a hot glue gun.
  • Step 16: Cover the cording with the silk.
  • Step 17; Sew (using a zipper foot is easiest) I couldn’t find mine at the time. And trim
  • Step 18: Cut three strips of felt. This will help to anchor and fasten the rosettes to the cording.
  • Step 19: Cut 30 inches of the Amour silk and tie a bow.
  • Step 20: Measure one inch from the top then lay the measuring tape across the plaque. Staple from 2.5 inches to 3 inches and then from 3.5 inches to 4 inches.
  • Step 21: Attach the bow and cording and staple. Then use the staple gun to tack the cording into place at the bottom of the plaque.
  • Step 22: Using your glue gun attach the felt strips to the cording and the rosettes.
  • Step 23: For the sign print out the saying out on a regular piece of paper. Then center the regular piece of paper over top of the plaque and press on the edges. This gives it an imprint that will allow you measure the decal paper exactly. I didn’t use any of these sayings, but it gives you an idea of the process. Cut out around the imprinted edge.
  • Step 24: Place the regular paper over the decal paper and match up the letters. Trace around it and cut it out. Now the decal is ready to be applied. You can learn more about how to apply a water-slide decal here

All finished! Now everyone passing by knows to knock! You never want to wake a sleeping baby!


Her Second Project

[slideshow id=2738188573476517084&w=450&h=340]


  • 8×10 picture frame
  • 8×10 shadow box
  • 10×12 piece of material
  • spray paint (I used Krylon Ivory Satin)
  • disappearing ink pen
  • needle
  • scissors
  • white hooks
  • glue gun

Optional Materials:

  • Mod Podge
  • sponge Brush


I got a picture frame from a thrift store for a $1 and a Shadow Box frame from Michaels for ½ off which made it $7.

  • Step 1: I took the back of the shadow box off and then removed the “lip” inside the box. This allowed me to remove the glass as well.
  • Step:2 Spray paint both pieces until they look the way you like. I used 2 coats on the frame and three coats on the shadow box.
  • Step 3: Use two pieces of the rigid lace, about 9 inches each, and staple them with the staple gun to the sides and bottom/top of the shadow box.
  • Step 4: Next, glue the back of the frame to the top of the shadow box. I used wood glue, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  It doesn’t dry clear. I would use Gorilla glue if I had to do it all over again!
  • Step 5: If you want to decorate the outside of the shadow box with lace you would do that now. Take the Mod Podge and brush it over the lace right onto the sides of the shadow box.
  • Step 6: Cover the back of the shadow box with your material.  I used a white pique. Fit it inside the shadow box.
  • Step 7: You are going to draw the initial or design of your choice with your disappearing ink pen. You do this so you can place the letter/design the way you want. I wanted mine to be centered between the lace.
  • Step 8: Now for the sequins…I had never sewn on sequins before! As weird as it may seem it was actually quite therapeutic. I used my “C” drawing as my guide and began hand sewing the sequins.
  • Step 9: Thread your needle. Begin at the bottom of the “C”/design. Hold the sequin in place and sew up through the middle of the sequin. Then over the side…Back through the middle and then over the other side.
  • Step 10: Repeat with the next sequin.
  • Step 11: Yeah! All finished…with the sequins! Grab your hot glue gun.  Glue the edge of the fabric to the edge of the back of the shadow box frame.  I folded it over ½ inch then another ½ inch. Then glue!
  • Step 12: Turn it over. Now place and screw in the hooks where you want them. You can’t see them behind the lace.
  • Step 13: Place the frame wherever you wish…bathroom, dresser, wall. I placed mine on a nightstand.

Don’t leave it bare! Decorate with your jewels! And Enjoy



Her Third Project


  • 3/16” pink cording
  • Felt
  • Pearl
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Alligator clip


  • Cut a felt circle and felt leaf


Lastly, glue the alligator clip to the back of the rosebud…and Enjoy!


Her Fourth Project

[slideshow id=2738188573476517248&w=450&h=340]

Necklace Materials

  • Bark Ribbon-Ivory 47inches
  • 33 pearls
  • Velcro circles
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Pearl Bead Motif
  • Alligator clip
  • Exacto knife

You could use the Motif on the necklace or in your hair. The alligator clip allows for versatility.

Bracelet Materials

  • Bark Ribbon-Ivory, 14 inches maybe more depending on wrist size (2x wrist measurement)
  • 2 Velcro circles
  • 6 pearls
  • Thread, Eggshell
  • Scissors

Make a knot (just like in the necklace) 2 ½ inches from the end. Follow the same directions as the necklace. Then…Clasp

  • Materials For Flower
  • Bark Ribbon- Ivory 6 ½ inches
  • Thread, Eggshell
  • 1 pearl



Alisa from

When I received a lovely package from M&J Trimmings with all kinds of gorgeous supplies, I knew right away what I would create- a big, beautiful vintage inspired statement necklace! Statement necklaces are everywhere and they vary in size, style and color but are a sure way to create a bold fashion statement.

[slideshow id=2954361355590336232&w=500&h=360]

I stared by designing a concept that would make use of EVERYTHING that was sent- pearls, ribbon, lace, cord, thread, etc…


  • Step 1: I started by braiding a piece of ivory bark ribbon ribbon, pink twist cord and ivory lace together for the necklace. The length will depend on how long you want your necklace to sit with enough room to tie it at the back.
  • Step 2: Once the braid was finished and knotted at both ends, I used pearls, sewn by hand with a needle and thread to the braid.
  • Step 3: I used small pieces of the 2 ” Dupioni silk ribbon (in cameo and amour) and tied them around the braid, letting the edges fray.
  • Step 4: I even used the blush opaque sequins sewn all along the surface of the braid. Once I was satisfied with the embellished braid I began work in the “statement” part of the necklace.
  • Step 5: I used the all the ribbon to create rolled flowers in different sizes.
  • Step 6: I wanted to place one of the rolled flowers into the center of the pearl bead camilla motif that was included in the package so I removed the bead and sewed it to the braid,and then used a needle and thread to sew one of my fabric flowers to the center.
  • Step 7: I added pearls to the center of some of the flowers.
  • Step 8: I then sewed all of my fabric flowers together and then attached them (securely!) to the braid. This was time consuming because it was a lot of hand work but well worth it in the end!
  • Step 9: Last, I added a few more surface embellishments to the flowers.




Cheri From

Hi M&J Trimming friends!  I’m Cheri from I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar.  I am really excited to be a part of this challenge.  When I received my package in the mail I was thrilled.  It was packed tightly with beautiful trims, lace, beads, and thread.  I stared at the box for over a week, trying to figure out what I could make that would use all the gorgeous supplies.  Well, I made a few things.  I couldn’t help myself.  Here they are:

Watch the step Here: [slideshow id=2738188573476516676&w=480&h=360]


Written Steps Below

Alright.  Let’s break it down!  Here’s how I made the I’m big in Europe Headband.  I wanted it to be dramatic, but also soft and sweet.

  • Step1: I created a sequin flower by cutting a felt circle base.  Then I put a dab of hot glue on the felt and took a pinch (literally) of stacked sequins.  I pushed the sequins into the glue, trying to let some stay upright.
  • Step 2: I left an empty space in the middle for a button, which I glued in.  I cut a couple circles of lace to go behind the flower.
  • Step 3: For the next flower, I rolled the bark ribbon, twisting a bit as I went, to create a rosette.  I also glued this to felt.
  • Step 4: Lastly, I assembled all three flowers to one piece of felt.  I glued on the elastic headband and sandwiched it between another layer of felt.  (So it goes felt, elastic band, felt.)


Okay, now let’s move on to the Little Miss Business Purse.

It’s actually a slip-covered notebook dressed as a purse. It’s perfect for a little girl who likes to accessorize and nice for a mommy who needs to keep her little one busy while on the go.

  • Step1 : I cut two rectangular pieces of muslin to be a little taller than my notebook and almost three times as wide as the notebook. I sewed on two flaps to one of the rectangular pieces, to hold in the notebook.
  • Step 2: Do you remember how you covered your books in middle school? Both the cover of the back and the front need to be able to slip into a flap.
  • Step 3: Then I put the original rectangular piece over the top and sewed them together, leaving a small opening to invert it.  See how the notebook slips in?  This way you’ll be able to switch it out for a new one when the pages are full.
  • Step 4: I sewed the twisted cord onto the inner flap as a strap and added a velrcro closure. Lastly, I embellished the purse, sewing ruffles onto the front with the bark ribbon.  I also added a simple silk ribbon flower.

Now she’s ready to take on the world.


Next up is the Daydreamer Headband.  This one is fast and simple.

  • Step 1: I took the amour silk ribbon and gathered it into two pieces, as shown.  I sewed them with a few stitches at the bottom with my machine.  I also used some of the ribbon to cover a button.
  • Step 2: I covered a headband with the cameo silk ribbon.  I ran a thin line of hot glue on the outer edges of the inside of the headband and wrapped it tightly.
  • Step 3: I glued the two gathered pieces onto the band and then glued the button (with some lace circles behind it) onto the headband.  (Tip: If the ruffles flop a little more than you want them to, you can dab a bit of hot glue between layers to make it a bit firmer.)


Lastly, the Lacy Lucy Broach.

  • Step1: I took a oval-shaped piece of felt and sewed the ivory rigid lace onto it.  I folded the lace as needed to get around the corners with it still laying flat.
  • Step 2: Then I cut the cameo silk ribbon in half lengthwise.  I wanted it to be a little thinner for the flowers I was making.  I cut it into shorter strips and wrapped them as shown.  (Like a bow.)
  • Step 3: All of the flowers on the corsage were made my just stacking these loops on top of each other (varying the direction of them) and stitching them down.
  • Step 4: Then I hand-stitched a few pearl beads into the center of each flower.  I glued pins onto the back so it can be worn on any shirt or cardigan and because the shirt would be dry clean only if I had stitched it directly on.  I have two little boys.  Dry clean only?  Yeah, right 🙂



Whew!  Thanks for sticking with me through all of that!  Feel free to come by my place anytime.  Thank you Blerona for letting me be a part of this.  I hope you’re all leaving with some fun new ideas to help you use these great products.



Maegan from


Her First Project [slideshow id=2449958197324854926&w=450&h=340]

Rope Necklace DIY  ….how-to-steps


  • 3/16″ Twisted Cord {Rope} -3yards
  • Ribbon of choice {I used 3″ cream sparkle satin ribbon -about 22 inches on each side}


  • 1.  Beginning at the end of the rope, with a threaded needle, create a loop & stitch in place ….leave the needle/thread hanging, no need to knot & snip
  • 2.  Create a zig-zag design with rope in varying sizes & loops & pin together.
  • 3.  With the threaded needle, stitch design in place.
  • 4.  Once you have at least 3inches of rope stitched together, begin at the opposite end following steps 1-3
  • 5-6.  Finish your zig-zag design by meeting the two in the middle …and stitch together.
  • 7.  Fold ribbon and push through end-loop you’ve created
  • 8.  Carefully stitch in place avoiding too many stitches on the front side.Voila!  …tie into a knot or bow around neck -wear it long or short  {and if you make the ribbons longer, you can also wear it as a waist belt over a top or dress}


Her Second Project [slideshow id=2810246167514370363&w=450&h=320]


  • Ivory Bark Ribbon {about 2-1/2 yard}
  • Large Pearls
  • Needle/Gutermann Thread {Eggshell}


  • 1.  Snip pearls &  make loose
  • 2-3.  Begin about 1/4 way down the ribbon by pinching and threading a needle through it
  • 4-5.  Thread loose pearl onto needle, then fold ribbon, thread needle through then another loose pearl.  I made mine 15″ long.
  • 6.  When get to end, instead of knotting, reinforce it by threading it back through the entire length of the pearls/ribbon.
  • 7.  Tie a loose knot in the ribbon at the end of the pearls just to finish it off

Use the remaining ribbon to tie around neck.  Wear it as a collar piece or long necklace.  You can also create a choker or bracelet by using less ribbon/pearls.


Her Third Project [slideshow id=2522015791362829754&w=450&h=340]


  • Camelia Motif
  • Ivory Rigid Lace – 2 yards
  • Blush loose Sequins
  • One loose pearl
  • Petal Pink & Eggshell Gutermann Thread
  • Needle


  • 1. Find center of lace and lay flat
  • 2. Hand stitch camelia motif to lace securely so it doesn’t flop
  • 3. Add loose sequins & rearrange peals on flower with needle/thread
  • 4-5. Following the lace floral pattern, hand stitch loose sequins onto lace
  • 6. Hand stitch loose pearl to add more bling 😉

Tie around head/hair or hat


Her Fourth Project [slideshow id=2522015791362829938&w=450&h=340]


  • 2″ Dupioni Silk Ribbon in Amour & Cameo -3 yards each
  • Loose pearls
  • Loose Sequins
  • Gutermann Thread in Petal Pink & Eggshell …Needle/Scissors


  • 1. With the silk ribbon, create two large flowers {by twisting/bunching/stitching together} in the darker shade & about 5 small flowers in the light beige
  • 2-3. With the remaining darker silk ribbon, create a dishevelled accordion look by pinching and stitching loosely through it.  Leave it looser on one side so you can  move it around and tighter on the other …creating two distinct looks.  Lay in U shape
  • 4. Place flowers on accordion base to liking
  • 5. Hand-stitch flowers in place
  • 6. With remaining light beige silk ribbon {about 44″} cut in half
  • 7. Fold in half and over and stitch to ends of accordion base securely
  • 8. On one side only, fold ribbon, run needle through it, place loose sequin then pearl then loos sequin, then fold ribbon again and push through.  I used 4 loose pearls & 8 sequins.  I did this to one side only.  You can to both if you like.

Tie in big bow or knot around neck and wear over a simple t-shirt with jeans



Disney from

When I first looked into the box of gorgeous, elegant trims that were sent to me for this challenge, I immediately imagined them on a dress, bag, or anything girly that I could wear. But after thinking for a moment about my three year-old daughter, and her hobby of wiping whatever she can find on mommy’s clothes, I decided it might be best to try something that wouldn’t need to go in the wash. Then I remembered the terrible bare spot on my living room wall. The one that I’ve not been able to fill for literally a year, because I can never find just the right piece of art.

So-why not make my own? It was much easier than I thought it would be. And I can’t think of any supplies that I could use that would be more beautiful than these!

[slideshow id=2810246167514370813&w=500&h=360]


  • Step 1: I started by nailing 1″x2″ boards into a 2’x3′ rectangle, and wrapping with a single layer of quilt batting.
  • Step 2: Then I ironed some muslin that I had on hand (any medium-heavyweight fabric will do), and wrapped it very tightly around the frame, using thumbtacks in back to secure.
  • Step 3: Then the fun part comes in-decorating! Use your imagination with the picture you want to “paint”. I used two rows of the beautiful lace as my “flower bed”, hand stitching them on with the bottom row slightly overlapping the top.
  • Step 4: Next, I cut “stems” from the rope and narrow ribbon trimmings, and hand stitched them on in varying heights.
  • Step 5: To make flowers, I cut a 10″ length of ribbon, and hand stitch along one side. Then pulled the thread to gather, and stitched the two ends together to make a circle. With a pearl or in the center to finish it off!
  • The white flower is a variation of first flower (just fold one edge over a little before you start stitching). The coral is simply four layers of circles in varied sizes stitched together in the center!

That’s it! It’s tons of fun thinking of different shapes and flowers. I’m definitely going to try this in other rooms. I think I need a beach scene in whites for my bathroom!
A big thank you to M&J Trimming for asking me to be part of the challenge! It was so flattering to be included, and I absolutely loved the trims they sent me to work with. Thanks so much!
Have a wonderful day, everyone!



Nicole from

First of all, its a HUGE honor to be in such good company! I hope I can compete with the DIY mavens I’m up against! When I first got the creativity kit, I was so inspired but I was unsure how to proceed. The kit was SCREAMING “little girls accessories” to me, but since I don’t really make clothes or jewelry I thought I would interpret it in my own way. I wanted to create one object using all the trim or at least create different objects that coordinate.

Lucite is one of my favorite materials to work with. I love the idea of mixing materials that are feminine, worn or rustic with pieces that are sleek and sophisticated.


  • Step 1: I started with the Cb2 Format tray.
  • Step 2: I printed out a backgammon template from the internet and I then I pinned the ribbon to the paper and cut it to size. You need 12 triangles of each color. The ribbon frayed a little bit at the edges when I cut it, but I liked the way it looked… I think it adds to the femininity.
  • Step 3: I had a huge bolt of fabric from a Brunswig and Fils sample sale in my closet. I loved the way the colors and textures looked with the objects in the creativity box, so I decided to use it as the background for the set. The tray is 16″ x 16″. I cut a square out of the fabric leaving  1/4 inch extra on each side.
  • Step 4: Then I used fabric glue to glue the triangles to the fabric.
  • Step 5: I used a few drops of fabric glue around the edges to secure the fabric, with all of the trimmings, to the UNDERSIDE of the tray.
  • Step 6: I used lucite buttons from M&J as the backgammon pieces. To differentiate between the players, I sewed pearls onto 15 of the buttons and I glued the palettes onto the other 15.
  • Step 7: I used fabric glue to glue the pink cord onto the grosgrain ribbon. I secured that to the top of the board – to separate the two sides.
  • Step 8: I then secured the pink cord to the edges of the tray to cover any stray threads or fraying that might be sticking out.

  • Step 9: To create the lucite box that holds the pieces, I used an Almac box from The Container Store. I layered the ribbons using fabric glue, and then I secured them to the box with a few sporadic drops of glue.
  • Step 10: I glued the rosette to the cover.
  • Step 11: Lastly, I tied two lace bows to the handles of the tray. At first this was just to use up the lace, but now I really like the little extra touch it added!

I hope you all enjoyed my ultra-fem lucite backgammon set… You can read more about my projects, decorating ideas and reality TV coverage on my blog Sketch42.



Sachiko from

Hi everyone, I am Sachiko from over at Tea Rose Home. On my blog, I share my craft ideas, tutorials, clothes, repurpose projects, and a little bit about myself. Come visit me sometime and say hello. 🙂 I am so excited to be invited to do this M&J Challenge! (Well, to be honest with you I was little bit nervous). I came up with three things using the beautiful items that I was provided with. I hope you will enjoy them!


Her First Project

I do lots of ruffle shirts on my blog, I had to do on for the M&J challenge too!

[slideshow id=2449958197324855538&w=450&h=340]

{You will need}

{How to}

  • Step 1:  Cut the lace into four strips (18″ each) and fray check the ends.
  • Step 2:  Using the largest stitch setting on your sewing machine, sew the top of the lace (1/4″ from the edge). Pull one thread to gather lace to make ruffles. Pin the ruffled lace onto the shirt diagnally.
  • Step 3:  Repeat the process with the rest of the three strips.
  • Step 4:  Cut the silk ribbon in half horizontally to make 1″ wide ribbons. Cut them in half to make 4 strips of 1″ wide X 18″ long ribbons. You will need three of them.
  • Step 5:  Zigzag the edges of the three ribbons from step 4. To make ruffles, sew in the middle with the largest stitch, pull one thread to gather the ribbon.
  • Step 6:  Pin the ruffled ribbon strips between the laces diagonally twisting occasionally. Sew them onto the t-shirt.

{How to make the corsage}

  • Step 1:  Fold the ribbon 3 times, cut the top wavy(use the picture as a guide)
  • Step 2:  Using the largest stitch setting, sew one side of the ribbon 1/4″ from the edge. Pull one thread to gather the ribbon to make ruffles.
  • Step 3:  Start rolling the ribbon and sew the back to make a flower. Sew a pearl in the middle. Cut a piece of felt large enough to cover the back of two flowers, sew it onto the flowers and sew a pin. Add the corsage onto the t-shirt; it is ready to wear! and… that is what I did!


Her Second Project

You see bib style necklaces, bold statement jewelries, everywhere. I wanted to create one that is both feminine and romantic. I am planning to wear it with a white t-shirt and jeans. 🙂

[slideshow id=2522015791362830244&w=426&h=340]

{You will need}

{How to}

  • Step 1:  Cut the felt into a bean shape. It will be helpful to fold it in half then cut to make the shape equal.
  • Step 2:  Cut 2 strips of 23″ long bark ribbon ends diagonally. Use fray check to seal the edge. Sew them onto the felt piece.
  • Step 3:  Using the largest stitch setting, sew in the middle of the 2″ X 30″ ribbon. Pull one thread to gather the ribbon to make ruffles.
  • Step 4: Pin the ruffled ribbon onto the felt, starting on one side winding along the bottom to the other side. Once it is in place the way you like it, sew it on.
  • Step 5: Sew the motif in the middle of the necklace. I used my sewing machine for this, but you can do this by hand too.

{How to make flowers}

* Flower A (2 2″ X 10″ silk ribbon)

  • Step 1:  Sew in the middle of the ribbon with the largest stitch setting on your sewing machine. Pull one thread to gather the ribbon to make ruffles. Fold it horizontally.
  • Step 2: Cut the edges with pinking scissors. Roll one end and start sewing. Keep going until you have a flower. Sew a pearl in the middle.

* Flower B (4 1″ X 8″ bark ribbon)

  • Step 1:  Fold the ribbon in half horizontally, sew and gather. Roll one end and start sewing. keep going until you have a flower. Sew three small beads in the middle.

To complete the necklace, glue all the flowers onto the necklace (I used a glue gun). Hand sew pearls between the flowers.
I love how it turned out. I can’t wait to start wearing it!


Her Third Project

The last item I made is for my little girl. I wanted to make something special for her and came up with this. The results? She absolutely loves it! She kept asking me while I was making it “Is this mine? When are you going to be done?” A great thing about this project is, it is very easy and quick to make, so she didn’t have to wait very long.

[slideshow id=2449958197324855669&w=450&h=340]

{You will need}

{How to}

  • Step1: Cut the 2″ wide silk ribbon for the length of the circumference of the can. Place the edge of the ribbon about half an inch above the top of the can, so you can fold it to cover the egde. Glue the ribbon.
  • Step2:  Glue the cord around the can. Put a little bit of glue as you go, so it won’t dry too quickly.
  • Step3: Make flowers to decorate the can.
    See the instructions on how to make flowers at “Statement Necklace Tea Rose Style” for flower 1 and 2.
    Tip* To make one larger white flower… Use fray check to seal the ends, use big stitches to sew and gather the ribbon. Start rolling from the edge and sew as you go to make a flower shape. Hand sew a pearl in the middle.
  • Stet4: Glue them onto the can.
    5. Use Gem Tac to glue the sequins. I squeezed out the Gem Tac onto a small plate, and used a toothpick to place a small amount of the glue onto an area I wanted the sequins to be.





Be sure to visit there blogs and our blog for more daily DIY Inspirations!

Thank You Everyone for Participating, we loved every single DIY,


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    BUT … this is taking forever to load … how about having a page with just pictures and then links to separate pages for instructions ?

  6. how funny so many of us made similar items! In fact Sarah and I made the exact same pearl and ribbon necklace …but while I left mine simple, she added more pizazz. What a fun project. Thanks for the challenge!

  7. Nice challenge. I love that it was open ended enough to bring so many different final outcomes! clothes, art, containers, jewelry, headbands, decor. WOW. Very fun to look at the results are definitely an inspiring way to start the day 🙂

  8. AMAZING!!! Such different ideas from all these ladies.
    I’m still amazed at how beautiful Maegan’s necklaces are. 2-die-4.
    Great job everyone who participated.

  9. These projects are so creative! I love the two tone ruffle shirt, and Disney’s wall art is so adorable!

  10. this is the coolest challenge. I can’t wait till I have some time to look back at each project more closely.

  11. Awful lot of fru-fru for me, but the materials kinda dictate that. The necklaces were my favorites, but I am intrigued by the wall art. There are some definite possibilities there…

  12. Wow what a great idea. there are so many creative bloggers out there and I love how you included every genre.

    P.S. If you have another challenge i would love to be included 😉


  13. What a fabulous idea M & J…and so inspiring! All the projects were lovely, but I just have to give a big shout out to Sachiko of Tea Rose Home…I love your creativity girl! And Maegan’s projects were awesome, too. Great job, ladies!

  14. Oh man, I wish I’d know about this earlier! M&J Trimmings sends out a siren call to me from the Fashion District pretty much every day during my lunch hour. All of these projects look amazing!

  15. oh thats amazing! I really wished I could challenged them!
    It would be so awesome to get involved in the next challenge!
    I’ll deff beat them :p (just kidding)

    xxx Anna

  16. WOW!!! These women are extremely talented! These designs are breathtaking. I’m wondering if it’s OK that we copy them.

    Please let me know:)


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