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Street Style Sighting: Camel & Black

When it comes to dressing for fall and winter, there’s one color combination that will stand the test of time and trends. We’re talking about a pairing of neutrals that is so classic that it can make almost any outfit instantly chic and worthy of a street-style photo. Yes, we’re talking about camel and black, an enduring combo for those days when figuring out color palettes is just too tiresome, or really any day for that matter. That’s how hot this color combo is.


5a2c1b72335d5f448dfaff69ddfe88b1Wearing all black, topped off with a camel-colored wool jacket is a popular way to rock this trend.

860ae9bd039d9bd80933ee42100a19d8 Why stop at two neutrals, when your can freely wear the entire spectrum? Add some cream and beige to the mix!

jacey-duprie-michael-dumler-damsel-in-dior-on-abbot-kinney-new-york-171Don’t be scared to add a little gray to the mix. It will still look incredible, we promise.

83af9caa7a8177f75b411e0de28663afA camel cape is just what you need to stay on top of the biggest trends for fall!

d2d78968e76fa21ec6f5145313be7045If you’re not into the tailored look, try a more casual approach. It works just as well!

Designer Spotlight: Michelle Levy

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Levy, Lead Designer Project DIY

We caught up with Project DIY’s lead designer, Michelle Levy, to find out about her favorite trims at M&J this season. In addition to her trimming faves, she gave us great tips on personal style and DIYs we should try. 

Designer Spotlight

Does your personal style influence your jewelry aesthetic? (As I’m asking this question she’s rocking amazing patterned pants, to die for jewelry and killer purple streaks within her tousled dark hair.)
My personal style definitely influences my jewelry aesthetic.  I love to be a chameleon—some days I am dark and edgy and other days I’m more trendy and bright.  I love using mixed metals that can be played up or down depending on my outfits, as well as having a few big statement pieces for getting all decked out.

Where do you find inspiration?
Where do I not?! Sometimes the colors in my salad inspire me to create. I always keep my eyes and ears open.

What trends are you most excited for Fall?
For Fall 2013, I am super excited about all the menswear styles that are coming in for women. Masculine fabrics like pinstripes, tailored styles, bowties and more squared-off silhouettes. I love how fresh it feels, especially when paired with statement-making accessories.

How has working at M&J influenced your jewelry making style?
Working at M&J has influenced what types of materials I am drawn to. I come from a jewelry background, and so I’ve learned a lot here about textile trims, embellishments and cords. I like finding ways to include them into my designs.

What materials do you prefer working with?
I prefer using metals, such as brass and sterling silver, as the basis for my designs. I always like my jewelry to have a strong and sturdy foundation. Once that is set, I can embellish with the daintiest of charms and not worry about the quality and durability of the piece.

What products are your go-to fall favorites?
Anything suede or leather. I also love trims with grommets and rivets for fall.

If you could only buy one product from M&J what would it be?
I would buy a gift certificate. Trick answer.

What are you coveting for fall?
Year after year, I covet a Burberry shearling moto jacket. It will be mine, one day!!

Do you have any fashion don’ts?
My biggest fashion ‘don’t’ is to be fearful. Oftentimes people lack the confidence to explore fashion and accessories. Try something new! It’s important to go with your instincts and express yourself.   Another key tip is that not everything has to match… have fun with your fashion.


Blogger Holiday Interview: Creme de la Craft

One of the bloggers we’ve turned to for holiday DIY inspiration is the lovely Natalie of Creme de la Craft.  She has such an amazing ability to create DIYs from items everyone already has in their homes.  From VHS garlands to shoebox wall art, her skills are endless.  We were so happy to have the opportunity to chat with her to learn more about her DIY experience!


How did you get started as a blogger and a DIYer?
I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. My first job was also in crafting, where I was a scrapbook instructor at Michaels Arts & Craft Store. Over the past few years, I also developed a special interest in upcycling everyday items that may be typically tossed out. I collected items like empty jars, old t-shirts and wine corks, and transformed them into some amazing DIY projects. I started blogging to share these ideas and inspire others to embrace the DIY movement.

Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs?
Ever since I started repurposing everyday household items into craft projects, I now see the “treasure” within the “trash” wherever I look. Just the other day, I turned empty wine bottles into flower vases with a little bit of spray paint and ribbon. I have an even harder time throwing things out ever since I started to DIY!

Which of your DIY projects are your favorite?
One of my favorite projects has to be my DIY pocket notebook that I created out of a cereal box. I still take notes the old-fashioned way so I carry at least two if these in my purse every day. Plus, I love eating cereal, which means I am left with tons of empty cereal boxes that I can transform into a lifetime supply of notebooks! To me, a great DIY project is one that uses everyday items you can find around the house and, most of all, is fun to make.


What are some of your favorite upcoming holiday DIY trends?
I love seeing more and more people upcycling items for DIY craft projects. I’ve seen some amazing ideas this holiday including paper napkin snowballs, light bulb ornaments and painted pine cones. My CD ornaments were also one of my favorite projects of the year.


What advice would you give to beginners looking to DIY for the holidays?
Take some simple pieces and add a few creative touches to create custom handmade holiday decor. It can be as easy as wrapping a piece of colorful ribbon around a glass ornament or painting your favorite design on plain stockings.

What are your DIY must-haves?
Lately, I’m loving gold spray paint. Take an Altoids tin, drinking straws, or even a rock, and watch them transform with some gold paint and a little bit of creativity.

Blogger Interview: Thanks, I Made It

If you haven’t stopped by Thanks, I Made It yet, you definitely need to update your blogroll. Erin, the lovely DIYer behind the blog, constantly wows us with her inspiration posts and creative projects. Our personal favorite is this DIY necklace,which she created with trim from M&J Trimming. We chatted with Erin about her blog, her DIYs, and her favorite products – see our interview below!

How did you get started as a blogger and a DIYer?

I’ve always been very hands on and making things, something that runs strongly in my family. I love the sense of accomplishment I get from doing it myself, from changing my own car battery (that was major for me!) to creating a new necklace. I was a “lurker” for a while on a lot of other DIY blogs, and thought I should show off my ideas and creations too. It started just shared with friends, but it became such an important personal and creative outlet that I loved putting the energy into making it grow.

Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs?

I spend too much time on my computer perusing other blogs, Pinterest and online retailers for ideas. I love to check the day’s popular posts on Bloglovin’ and’s accessory index is another go-to. Offline, inspiration comes from everywhere, like magazines, museums or people I see on the subway.

Which of your DIY projects is your favorite?

My Dannijo-inspired chain and rhinestone cuff definitely ranks high. It’s made from pieces from my grandmothers, and I was so excited when a woman at Bendel’s asked me if it was from Dannijo!

Have you noticed any upcoming DIY trends?

I think embellished shorts are really popular with summer coming. Other style trends, like neon and florals, definitely will influence people’s DIYs. DIY can be such a fun and low-cost way to try a trend.

What advice would you give to DIY beginners?

Be flexible–not everything will turn out the way you had in mind, but you can find a way to make it work differently or become something new all together. It can be a lot of trial and error, but don’t get discouraged. Take a break and then come back to it with an open mind.

What are your DIY must-haves?

Strong super glue (I like E6000) is probably the most used thing in my tool kit. A set of pliers (round and needle nose) are essential for jewelry making. I also think having a stash of old jewelry (from hand-me-downs or thrift stores) is very useful– you can reuse old or broken pieces so many ways!

Thanks, Erin! Stop by Thanks, I Made It to see more of Erin’s DIY projects.