Author: Debbie Adler

DIY Halloween Decor: Embroidered and Studded Pumpkins

With Halloween less than two weeks away, we’re skipping the more time-consuming DIYs and showing you two unbelievably easy and straightforward pumpkin décor ideas that you can put together at the drop of a (witch) hat.

First, a throwback DIY that is so quick and simple we had no choice but to raise it from the dead. If you’re looking for an easy DIY that will instantly make your doorstep more festive for your favorite frightening holiday, Halloween, this is it!

For a pumpkin decoration, instead of going the traditional carving route, we decided to make use of our leather cord to create a unique embroidered effect. We also used a craft foam pumpkin for this DIY so that it can last multiple seasons, but you can swap it out for the real thing too! Get ready to not carve up some pumpkins!

Spooky Embroidered Pumpkin

What You’ll Need:


Spooky Image of Your Choice


1mm Round Leather Cord



Cut out your image that you drew or printed. Pick a design that isn’t too complicated.



Pin paper cut-out to the pumpkin using the pearl head pins.



Cut out the top of the pumpkin. If you’re using a real pumpkin you’ll want to clean out the inside!



Make a knot at the base of the leather cord.



Either drill or puncture small holes into the pumpkin using your cutout as a guide. Make sure the holes are big enough to thread the cord through comfortably.


Start weaving your leather cord through all of the holes. Make sure every hole has a corresponding hole close by.


Continue weaving until the image is complete. For small areas you can tie a knot and weave back through one hole, as we did with the spider fangs.


And you’re done! #squadgoals


Studded Pumpkin

What You’ll Need:

Assorted Pronged Nailheads

Pumpkins in Assorted Sizes



Get several pumpkins in several sizes. We chose smaller pumpkins because we were low on time but this DIY is great for pumpkins of all sizes. You can use our Hotfix Nailheads if you are working with a hard plastic pumpkin.



Carefully push the prongs of the nailhead into the skin of the pumpkin until they are secure. Or glue them on with Hotfix nailheads if you are using a plastic pumpkin.



Play around with creating different patterns using various colors, shapes and sizes. Add as many or as few as you’d like and then you are done!



Here we used small round nailheads for our tiny pumpkin.



For this striking white pumpkin, we used different types of nailheads to create a playful look.


And here are the four beautiful pumpkins that were crafted in just minutes.

Happy Halloween!



Halloween Décor Inspiration

There is no American holiday that is as creative and original as Halloween. Between scary and sophisticated Halloween masks, Halloween costumes that range from political to pop culture to classic, and spooky and chic indoor and outdoor décor, this yearly celebration is a godsend for creative DIY-ers like us. Here are some of our favorite Halloween decorations that are stunning and bold and can be crafted at home.

Embellished Pumpkins


This DIY sequin polka dot pumpkin is an elegant addition to any doorstep or foyer. All you need are gold sequins, craft glue and a pumpkin or two and you are all set.


Spooky Wreaths

This dazzling pumpkin is a shiny and stylish take on the classic jack o’ lantern carved pumpkin. Think less spooky and chilling and more stately and refined, perhaps a statement piece for your dining room. Paint your pumpkin, add any number, size and color nailheads and you’re done!


This batty wreath can be easily crafted with bat patches. The 3-D effect will make your front door pop and is sure to scare all the kiddies in the neighborhood.



Eerie Lighting

Halloween would be incomplete without a spooky wreath for your door. This Day of the Dead themed wreath features large, blooming flowers and creepy, soul-piercing skulls.


Dress up a mason jar with candles and lace to set the mood and add a warm glow to your Halloween decked home. Use this décor all year round to add ambiance to any room.

Whether this is your first time DIYing your décor or your tenth season transforming the mundane into the masterful, don’t get spooked! These easy DIY décor inspirations are sure to steer you in the right direction. Happy Halloween and Best Witches!

Halloween Masquerade Inspiration

Getting ready to attend a masquerade ball this Halloween? Well, you’re in good company. These parties have been around since the 15th century and are still going strong today. Originally happening during the festive time before Lent and celebrating marriages and life events, today the masked ball is about socializing and having fun, meeting new people, and even concealing your identity to be able to free your inhibitions and party more freely.

Originating in Italy, masquerade balls have spread rapidly to most of the world. Each country and culture that has adopted this celebration has added their own spin and fashion to these festivals, culminating in beautiful masks ranging from modern to traditional and showcasing the country’s heritage and roots. This Halloween, you’ll see masks ranging from traditional Venetian, to lace, feathers and jewels, super hero and tv characters, animals both real and mystical, Day of the Dead, classic Halloween icons and even painted on masks made entirely of jewels and make up. Whatever look you’re going for, we’ll help you get inspired with some of our favorite masks of 2017. Masquerade balls are one age-old tradition that we can’t wait to partake in each year!

First up, we have Venetian masks from the Carnival of Venice, a traditional celebration held each year and filled with some of the world’s most elaborate masks. These masks are characteristically full faced and monochromatic, with matching feathers, jewels and trim.


Next up is a mask of one of the year’s most amazing super heroes. Who can forget Gal Gadot’s performance in Wonder Woman? If you’re looking to dress up as your favorite sci-fi role model, look no further than this stunning mask filled with eye popping gold and sleek, full bodied, dark feathers.


As far as mystical creatures are concerned, unicorns rank as the very best. It would be utterly cool if these legendary beasts came to life. In the meantime, show your love with this easy to make unicorn mask complete with horn and hair in soft pastel colors.


The beauty of the traditional lace mask is that it will go with any outfit and is as elegant a mask as it gets. It is chic and dressy and won’t take the focus away from your killer dress. Add rhinestones and assorted jewels to the mask for a hint of sparkle and sophistication.

This offbeat Minnie Mouse lace mask appeared in a 2005 Vogue but it’s still so stylish and relevant.

(Source) (Source) (Source)

When considering a Halloween mask, be sure to also consider Halloween make up and nontraditional masks that utilize jewels and sequins to paint the face in an unrecognizable, dazzling work of art. Here are some favorites. Maison Margiela is known for the full face rhinestone masks.

 (Source) (Source) (Source)

Halloween tends to bring out a bit of our darker sides. It’s just starting to get cold and you can feel the first chill of winter everywhere around you. It’s pitch black outside and you’re pressed against a throng of people at a parade or a party. This is the best atmosphere for a dark, alluring, raven mask. You’ll blend in to your surroundings elegantly and seamlessly.

(Source) (Source)

Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is a celebration honoring the dead. What better look for your spooky masquerade ball then an otherworldly dalliance with the dead and perhaps, the undead? This look is heavily centered around a red and black floral and lace headband and ornate, hand drawn designs and drawings on the mask itself.



Classic masks should not be overlooked when choosing your masquerade look. These masks can easily be DIYed with feathers, rhinestones and perhaps beads or flowers. This is the best look if you want to customize your mask and make sure that it will be truly one of a kind. The possibilities are endless but here are a couple of ideas to get you started.



This Halloween season, it is our responsibility to continue the 600 year old tradition of attending masquerade balls like our predecessors have done for generations. This is the one night a year that you can revel in a new identity and embrace the mystery around you without any reservations. Wherever this night takes you, put on a mask and party in style.


Spring Summer 17 Trend Alert: Straw and Wicker

This summer’s latest trend is straw and wicker hats, bags and furniture. With Scandinavian influences, the trend embraces natural fibers and un-dyed, light colors. The pale shades of lemon yellow and creamy beige are light and sunny and will instantly turn any outfit into a summer look and any room into an airy oasis.

The original straw and wicker trendsetter is Jane Birkin, circa 1974 with her iconic basket bag but the upcoming trendsetter is you, circa now. So gather your looms and weaving materials, and come on a straw studded journey through this summer’s latest craze.

FRANCE – FEBRUARY 08: Jane Birkin Posing With Her Little 10 Month Old Daughter On The Boardwalk In Nice On September 9, 1972. The 28 Year Old Actress Was Then On The Set Of The Film Trop Jolies Pour Etre Honnetes, Directed By Roger Balducci. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

First up, straw hats and bags with inspired verbiage like “do not disturb”, “beach please”, “out of office” and more. The large, script, playful letters in contrasting blues and reds make this style really pop and come to life. It’s great when your accessory can speak for you with a little message and it’s a whimsical look perfect for the beach or pool. 

Eugenia Kim’s Hats are so adorable (and so DIY-able) (Source)

In the home décor world, we have outdoor woven furniture. Rattan and wicker has returned and natural furniture pieces are making a comeback. Whether the piece is retro or modern, designers are foregoing all things heavy and dark for a refined “back to nature” look.


This summer, drop your leather bags and hardwood and opt to accessorize with your new favorite materials.  The look may have started with the Scandinavians but it ends here with you.