Back To School 2018: DIY Preppy Backpack

It’s that time of year again, the one that students dread and parents love: Back to School Season. The fall semester starts in about a month so it’s about time to start creating some great new school supplies, for a great price! I am going to start this series with an essential: the backpack. Today, we are creating the perfect, basic, preppy-style backpack which is perfect for every student who wants to update their backpack for the new school year!

Today’s Look: The Preppy Student

What You’ll Need:


Step 1:ย Cut zipper tassels already on bag off with scissors. Then, loop leather cord through zipper and cut to desired length, making a loop.


Take thinner cord and tie in a knot around the loop to hold it together. Wrap thin cord around and then tie in a knot twice to secure. Cut off excess of both cords. Repeat for all other zippers on bag.

Step 2:ย Take white grosgrain ribbon and striped grosgrain ribbon and layer them on top of each other, then glue with E6000 glue. Wait for it to dry a bit, then you can begin to line your backpack with it.

Glue ribbon to the inside part of the zipper flap and then fold to begin lining the backpack along the zipper.

Continuously glue as you go until the ribbon is all the way across the top of the backpack. To finish, fold over flap and glue, the same as when you started the ribbon.

Step 3:ย Using the same ribbon layered and glued on top of each other, glue to the side pockets of the backpack (if there are any) using E6000 glue. Tip: Use binder clips to secure ribbon while drying to make sure it stays in place!

Step 4: Now we are going to apply the letters! Lay out your monogram in the desired order and lay a thin piece of fabric on top in order to protect the letters from the iron.

Then, use your iron to press down onto the patches for about 20 seconds, or until they are attached to the bag.

Remove fabric for the finished look!


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