DIY: Dorm Room Décor Round Up

Dorm Room Décor Round Up

After a long day of classes followed by a long night of studying in the library, what you need is to come home to some peace and quiet to recharge before tomorrow’s craziness. There are a few different style directions that you can take to make your dorm as comfy and inviting as ever while still maintaining all of your spunky personality.

Come home to a bright, colorful jungle and escape your surroundings with this DIY: Jungalow Dorm Room  This décor option is for those adventurous spirits that like to travel and explore the unknown. Think tropical birds, bright blues, deep greens and fun, eclectic prints. 

Rest and rejuvenate with DIY: Modern Dorm Room which will take you 10 years into the future when you’ve landed that sweet job and are living in your contemporary dream home. This style is for those with the latest fashion and decor tips at their fingertips who have an eye for modern design and know how to spice up any room with their trendy finds.

If you identify with the artists and bohemians all around you and love to wander, DIY Bohemian Chic Dorm Room will further express your free spirit. This room is all about earthy colors, rich textures and a fringe wall hanging that will bring your inner maverick to light.

The room where you’ll spend over 1/3 of your day should express your inner self and be home to your creative genius. Whichever option you choose, you can be confident that your dorm room will tower above all others in its unique, chic beauty.

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