Our Social Media Star Shares Her Spotlight Picks!

Genesis Pinales is our social media rockstar, and is always in-the-know about the latest trends in fashion and accessories. She’s been working with M&J for over 4 years, and definitely knows a thing or two about trims, buttons and everything in between. When she isn’t pinning, instagramming or blogging, you can find Genesis surfing the web looking for newest social media and fashion trends, or catching up on her Cosmo. Check out her top favorite picks and how she uses them for more than just embellishing.

M&J Trimming - Brilliance Flatback Crystal

“In love with the new Brilliance collection, and Crystal is one of my favorites. I use Brilliance when creating rhinestone nail art and making embellishments. I can embellish an entire outfit with these little sparklers!”

M&J Trimming - 29316

“I think this buttons is great for just about anything, whether you’re making earrings, adding some sparkle to your shoes, or even some shimmer to a wedding bouquet. There is a color available for any outfit!”

M&J Trimming - 36143

“This Sheer Satin Edge Ribbon offers the best of both worlds with a sheer organza center and satin edges. It’s classic, but still offers textural interest. This ribbon is perfect for events, from bridal showers to wrapping gifts!”

M&J Trimming - 56471

“Probably my all time favorite lace! It’s beautiful and very detailed, and its scalloped edges make it easy for me to add length to just about any pair of shorts or skirts that I own.”

M&J Trimming - 57609

“Spikes and diamonds will never go out of style! That’s why the Rhinestone Spike Chain is one of my top picks. I use it to trim the collar of a sweater or a clutch to add some “pop”.”

M&J Trimming - 58691

“I love all things vintage, so I adore the Renaissance-themed design of this button. Its great for cardigans and making jewelry. I’m a big fan of using this button as a closure when making bracelets for my friends.”

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