Summer to Fall Transitional Fashion

When it comes to transitioning from summer style to fall fashion, the change doesn’t always have to involve buying an entirely new wardrobe! You can keep key summer pieces, and transform them into fabulous fall outfits. How? Strategic layering.

M&J Trimming: Shorts with Tights Combination for Fall

M&J Trimming: Shorts with Tights and Flannel TopDon’t throw your shorts to the depths of your closet just yet! Pair them with a pair of tights and you have a chilly-weather alternative to pants. Make the top portion of your outfit scream fall with a flannel or chunky sweater.

M&J Trimming: Fall RomperThe same rules apply for rompers too! Tights and a cardigan are all you need to make this look fall appropriate. Switching out sandal for booties is also an easy way to alter your seasonal style.

M&J Trimming: Maxi Skirt with Leather Jacket

M&J Trimming: Maxi and Leather Jacket ComboDon’t say goodbye to your maxi skirt or dress! Pair it with a leather jacket or sweater! Adding black accents or earthy neutrals help to tone down summer brights.

How do you transition your wardrobe from one season to the next?


10 thoughts on “Summer to Fall Transitional Fashion

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