Warehouse Clearance Sale

Has your stock of ribbon reels started running low? Fear not! The Warehouse Clearance Sale is back on! We have full rolls of gorgeous ribbon starting at only $5!


DSC_0515Curb that polka dot obsession with rolls of spotted ribbon. It’s playful and ideal for parties!

DSC_0516Organza and striped ribbon are perfect for wrapping gifts.

DSC_0519Appliques and flower pins starting at $2? Why not grab an entire bouquet?

DSC_0523Jazz up that blazer/cardigan/jacket with buttons that are 50% off!

DSC_0524 DSC_0526Stock up on velvet ribbon for the upcoming holiday season!


One thought on “Warehouse Clearance Sale

  1. Do you sell bags of lace remnants? Am looking for bridal lace, curtain lace, flat and ruffled lace trims. white, beige, cream, and colors that are any kind. Pastels, brights, darks, are all OK. Lace appliques

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