DIY: Greek Key Gladiator Sandals

If you love gladiator sandals, then you’re gonna love the our DIY version that takes the sandal to the next level! Double up on the Greco-Roman inspiration with a Greek key jacquard to make your sandals even more iconic.
What You’ll Need:


1 3/8” Greek Key Metallic Jacquard

Needle and Thread


Sobo GlueDSC_03361. You will need about a yard for each strap or more depending on how high you want the straps to wrap up your leg. Cut each strap to desired length.
DSC_03422. Take one end and sew to the sandal strap. Repeat on the other side.
DSC_03433. Add Sobo Glue to the end of the jacquard so it does not fray.


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