DIY: Party Name Cards

If you’re a party planner at heart, you’ll love this DIY. Impress your guests with three different place cards; perfect for a tea party, spring wedding, or birthday.

DSC_0517 Card 1


Card Stock Paper

SS12 Crystal

SS16 Light Colorado Topaz


Crystal Katana


DSC_05241. Cut a strip of paper about 8 inches long and an inch high. Cut the top in a wave starting from low to curving up to a hump and back down to a curve.

DSC_05282. Take the end and fold into a Z shape. Repeat on the other size. This will create a little banner.

DSC_05313. Cut small triangles out of both sides.


4. Take your crystals and glue down in the corners. Let dry.

Card 2


Card Stock Paper

3/8” Grosgrain Polka Dot Ribbon

1/4” Reversible Stitched Satin Ribbon

Hole Punch


DSC_05401. Cut your card stock into a rectangle. Fold in half.

DSC_05432. Punch a hold at the top where the paper is folded.

DSC_05453. Add ribbon through the hole and tie.

Card 3


Card Stock Paper

7/8” Paillette Floral Trim


X-Acto Knife



DSC_05521. Take you paper and cut into a rectangle. Cut the tip of the paper on an angle.

DSC_05532. Take your x-acto knife and slice a thin line going down the cork. This is where the paper will slip into.

DSC_05593. Cut a flower of the trim and glue on to of the cork. Let dry.


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