Oscar Nominations for Costume Design 2015

We’re at the edges of our seats waiting for tonight’s Oscars to air, and one of the categories that we’re most looking forward to seeing is Costume Design. This year’s contenders are strong, and range from quirky and colorful to dark and fantastical. Which movie had your favorite costumes this year?

Grand Budapest Hotel 6a00e55290e7c48833019b001ee1ca970d-800wiThe quirky worlds that Wes Anderson creates are definitely not typical, and obviously the costume design has to follow suit. Despite the time period, the colors used in costumes in Grand Budapest Hotel really bring the eccentric characters to life.

Into the Woods



Taking a play that’s set in a fantasy world almost ensures an over-the-top wardrobe, and Into the Woods did not fail to deliver. The costumes in the film were brimming with trimming!

Inherent Vice



Set in the 1970s, Inherent Vice follows a private detective who is definitely more laid back than most, and the fashion reflects the California sunshine groovy aesthetic of the time.





A different take on a Disney classic, the costumes in Malificent definitely dare to bring on the drama. From coiled horn-headpieces to feathered frocks, this movie embraced the fantasy in their design.

Mr. Turner 



Mr. Turner is a period piece about an eccentric painter, and thus took care to make sure the world they created for the characters was as beautiful as the paintings Turner created.

4 thoughts on “Oscar Nominations for Costume Design 2015

  1. This will add a whole new dimension to the Oscars. Costumes are something that the audience usually overlooks, and it will be nice for the designers to get some well deserved recognition for their hard work.

  2. I whole heartedly agree, adearlove. Costumes tell as much about a character as the lines they deliver. From the most simple to the most complex designs, they all add an important component to the story. This year’s nominees are fantastic and I’m excited to see how it plays out in the Oscars this evening.

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