Izziyana Suhaimi Embroidered Art

If you’re looking for inspiration for this weekend’s DIYs, look no further than the work of artist, Izziyana Suhaimi. Her style is unique in that it merges unlikely mediums for a look that is dimensional and unexpected. Whether it’s pen, watercolor, or pencil; each work is embellished with embroidered accents that add both color and texture to the piece. tumblr_m3p0749YLM1qburp2






5 thoughts on “Izziyana Suhaimi Embroidered Art

  1. These are especially beautiful pieces, the mixed media works so well here because the drawings and ideas (tattoos) are quite a contrast culturally to the medium of embroidery. Embroidery is still sort of associated with old crafts, I love the contrast of the two. And the drawings and ideas are great in their own right.

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