Uses for Wrapping Paper

The moment after the presents have been unwrapped, reality sets in. You have a living room full of paper scraps that will undoubtedly end up in the garbage. Not this year! This year you can reuse those glittering pieces of paper to make your life more colorful and make you feel better about reusing that pretty paper. F9P5OC1GWF5TL0V.MEDIUMForget the packing peanuts! Shredded wrapping paper makes for colorful packing material.

holiday-gift-wrap-5Make a beautiful bow for future presents using strips of recycled wrapping paper.

enhanced-buzz-22491-1418143043-8If the paper isn’t too seasonal, use it to bring life to otherwise drab drawers.


If you’re careful, you can always reuse paper for future gifts. Waste not, want not, right?

cd42971c7c0017d47bb086ac91d829cfUse your favorite wrapping paper to make a fun garland! If you have metallic wrapping paper around, it would make the perfect garland for New Year’s Eve.

11 thoughts on “Uses for Wrapping Paper

  1. That is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing! The funny thing is, is that I was looking all over while I was wrapping for my bag of crinkle and I could have used shredded wrapping paper to get the job done! I will next year!

  2. I always ask family to be extra careful when unwrapping gifts as I like to keep the pretty paper and see what else I can use it for. These are some great tips, thank you. I also use old paper to make cards which can save a lot of money too!

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