Holiday Staircase Decoration Inspiration

So you’ve got your tree decorated. Now what? How do you make your home even more festive for the holiday season? If you happen to have a second story, your stairway is the perfect canvas. There’s nothing like a garland wrapped staircase to really add that extra touch to any home for the holidays. Whether you’re working with fresh and fragrant evergreen branches, or decide to spruce up the spot with ornaments and decorations, this extra step really gives your home a feeling of holiday comfort and warmth.








8 thoughts on “Holiday Staircase Decoration Inspiration

  1. Laughing) Should try this on my stairs. My stair end in a wall because this tewo-story house was made into two apartments. We call it The Stairplace That Goes Noplace. It could make a treasure out of an eyesore.

  2. So many choices on the staircase! It’s one of the most beautiful spots in the home. Of course it should be a focal point during the holidays. Just didn’t think about it until reading this post. Thank you

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