DIY: Leather Wrap Watch

Are you looking for the perfect present for that hard-to-shop-for fashionista? If so, we’ve got the perfect gift idea that she’s sure to love. Not only is this gift chic, it’s also handmade! You can customize it to fit the giftee’s style. Use all black cord for a punk look, or neon cord for a super-trendy summer style!

DSC_0836 Watch You’ll Need:

Braided Leather Bolo

Project DIY Modern Heirlooms Timeless Wrap Watch

5MM Jump Rings

10MM Jump Rings

DSC_08481. Take your cord and cut five 1′ pieces. The pieces should be long enough to wrap around your wrist.

DSC_08502. Add cord connectors to each end, and connect them to the watch with jump rings.

DSC_08543. Take the rest of the cord and cut five piece 8 inches or longer.

DSC_08514. Add connectors and connect with jumps rings to the watch.

DSC_08555. Place the watch face on your wrist. Wrap the long side around your wrist until it hits the middle of your wrist. Cut if too long.

DSC_08586. Wrap the short side until it meets the ends of the cords you just cut.

DSC_08617. Add cord connectors to each end with jump rings. On one side add the five cord ends to a jump ring and then connect it to the lobster clap.

DSC_08658. Connect the other side with a larger jump ring.



11 thoughts on “DIY: Leather Wrap Watch

  1. OMG! OMG! I am so happy I stumbled upon this awesome blog. A biiiig fan of creatives & DIY that I am, this blog totally made my day. I love love love it. Thanks much!!

  2. Can we see a full picture of it being worn? I’m not quite understanding how the short stands and long stands come together! Beautiful DIY though!!

      1. It looks great!! I’m definitely inspired by this DIY. Now I’m thinking about what type of watch I could make…. Thanks for posting!

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