Clever Creature Costumes

Animals are always a popular pick for Halloween, and with an almost limitless amount of options, the decision to be a critter this Halloween is an easy one. But once you’ve decided that you want to be one with your spirit animal, how do you figure out how to really BECOME the animal? Take a lesson from these costumed creatures who have figured out how to harness the essence of animals with some makeup and trimming!like_a_snake_by_lucikoshkina-d63q09la8965c122be2aafd9cbdc9e3f1576dd7






3 thoughts on “Clever Creature Costumes

  1. When I logged on, I was not looking at the computer, distracted by my dog, then turned back to the computer screen and that first picture scared me. I screamed, my dog jump up, barked to protect me…hahahaha….too funny. I’m done! Great post. (lol)

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