Dotted Decor Inspiration

When it comes to patterns for the home, polka dots aren’t a very common pick. Floral, stripes and other geometric patterns take the stage, while polka dots are often thrown in as an exciting accent. And while we love all patterns equally, from herringbone to zebra print, we want to show a little extra love to polka dots this week because we think it puts the fun in functional!
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If you don’t know if you can handle polka dots, why don’t you just sleep on it for a few nights.


Brave decorators use wallpaper. Only the bravest us polka dot wallpaper.



Play with patterns by adding contrasting styles to one room. It’s an easy way to add movement and I interest to your room.


160fc62ec209dade7dd3c9d184a4ffbbBe bold with different patterns AND contrasting colors.



Play up the playful side of polka dots by mixing them with pastels.

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