Style Apps

Are you a fashionista on the go? If your iphone is an extension of yourself, you probably use your phone for activities outside of just calling. Phones are great for communicating and all, but what about getting the latest news, talking to friends through social media, or even buying the perfect pair of shoes? There’s an app for all of that, AND there are apps that will make your life as a trendsetter even easier!


Stylebook is your new best friend. This fashion app is like a virtual closet where you can try on pieces you already own. We aren’t going to say it works without lifting a finger, but that’s just because that’s the only thing you DO need to do to create your next outfit.


The Hunt is a social app that allows users to post photos of outfits they’re coveting, or even just questions they want answered. Then community members do their best to help a fellow fashionista out!



Does your fashion vocabulary need refining? Is your dream to be a serious style blogger, but you don’t know where to start? Fashion Terms is the app for you if you’d like to update your fashion terminology and never wonder what a bolero is again.



Get the latest is fashion news with the app, all of the breaking news stories in the swipe of an index!



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