Creative Cake Inspiration

It seems like somebody around here has a birthday coming up, and we don’t want to point any fingers, but yes, it’s totally us! In two weeks we will be celebrating 78 years in business, and we couldn’t be more excited. Now that we have birthdays on our minds, our thoughts are obviously drifting towards the part of brains that controls our sweet tooth, and we can’t stop looking at delicious and decorative cakes! Check out these amazing edible creations that are great for weddings, birthdays, and everything in between.125db4b60a6aec3efee9a3d3c5cd7091Nothing says glamour like having a little bling on your cake. Those gold stripes look good enough to eat, and have seconds!

dol-head-tableA row of beautiful pastel cakes? Why, of course we would love a sample!




Sometimes simple is best, which is why we’re look loving this beautiful cake! Just some white frosting and a couple of festive balloons, and we have everything we need to get the party started!



Can’t decide on one dessert? Well now you can have your ice cream and eat your cake too with this delicious banana split cake!



Florals are so festive, which is why adding them to your cake is a no-brainer! This beautiful rosette cake almost looks too beautiful to eat! Almost.

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