Yarn Bombing

We love to beautify our lives with home decor and fashion DIYs, but what about a DIY that beautifies the world? If you haven’t heard of yarn-bombing, it’s the practice of covering unexpected places, spaces and things in colorful yarn! Said to have been established in Texas as a way for knitters to get rid of scraps of yarn they didn’t need, yarn bombing has taken the world by storm with these artistic displays spanning the globe from Japan to Sweden. They can cover anything from a park bench to a school bus, and are usually “painted” in a rainbow of color! Have you seen these works or fiber art before?






How would you DIY + Beautify your city?

3 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing

  1. Mostly it’s beautiful–I just would caution that the statue has potential religious significance and I would caution yarn bombers to be respectful of other’s cultures

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