Hexagon Home Decor Inspiration

Over the past few years, the creative world has gone through a geometric craze! These angle-obsessed designs have made their way into fashion, art and home decor, and one specific shape has caught our eye: the hexagon. Hexagons look fantastic when clustered together, reminiscent of the cells in a beehive, or solo as a statement-making accessory. Not only are they modern, but this honeycomb pattern offers an inherent, natural touch you don’t usually associate with modern patterns.

Honeycomb Pattern Vinyl WallThe mix of colors and styles on this wall make this nook look an art installation.
Hexagon+shape+finishedThis piece teeters on the side of modern, geometric.
Ombre Rainbow Hexagon Wall TutorialThis cool multi-colored wall adds a unique element to your room, and, can change the mood depending on which colors you use.
This cool installation is an interactive piece, which allows anyone in the home to change the layout of the wall, by moving individual tiles.
Cement End Table




3 thoughts on “Hexagon Home Decor Inspiration

  1. Woweeeee! Thank you for the inspiration. Got me thinking about all those fabric “buttons” that have piled up during my childhood. My mom taught me how to make those, and I still have them. You have given me ideas on how to put them to work (via hexagons)! Thanks again for another creative post. I’m your forever fan!

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