DIYing in the Great Outdoors

After a particularly chilly and snowy winter, there is no  better time to head outside and enjoy the great outdoors than now. We’re at a pivotal point in spring when summer is just around the corner, and the possibility of adventures is just outside of our doorsteps! But what about our DIYs? How do we still get projects done and stretch our creative muscles when we’re outside?

Photography- The great outdoors offer an unmatched canvas for future DIYs that need photos. Take photos to use in upcoming DIYs to make them even more personal!

Sailboat Watercolor by Etsy ArtistPainting- Watercolors are great for carrying around because they aren’t as messy as acrylics and oil paints. They’re great for painting outdoor scene s like flowers in a park or a beautiful oceanscapes.

Organized Embroidery FlossEmbroidery- Embroidery is a precise hobby that often takes a number of different types of thread. Pick a pattern that only uses a few colors to make it more mobile.

Yarn Organized by ColorKnitting- Knitting is a great hobby that helps to relieve stress, but summer isn’t usually the best time for knitting new scarves. Make yourself an open weave cardigan or cover-up instead!

Bracelet making may seem hard on a sandy beach, but our tip is to leave the beads at home. Focus on friendship bracelets for a soothing summer activity.

One thought on “DIYing in the Great Outdoors

  1. The number of colors you use for embroidery has no bearing on what’s portable. Have you ever seen embroidery thread? It’s small and light as are the needles and everything else you need. I’ve done embroidery on trains all over Europe. I just take my bag o’ stuff and go.
    You can knit and crochet some very lovely, lace scarves and shawls for the summer with cotton, silk, sock yarn, and a whole host of other materials. It’s not what you make but the materials you use.
    You should have gotten people who actually embroider and knit to answer these for you or you should have left them out. You are respected so people think you know what you’re talking about. You really missed the mark here and make it really difficult for those of us who do know what we’re doing to combat all the ridiculous things people say about us. It’s more than a hobby to those of us who do needle arts.

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