Beautiful Bead Fashion Inspiration

Beaded fashions are one of our favorite styles at M&J because we love the meticulous nature of the medium. These tiny colorful pellets are sewn into a careful pattern on a piece of clothing, and instantly add a new dimension to a garment that was possibly a little more plain and boring. Beading can really transform a piece into something unique, and depending on the types of beads you use, you can end up with evening wear or just an upgraded casual piece!



You can make leggings like these yourself with some of our beaded and rhinestone trim!

d3e9047e596cf7f39ed0ab3d5929064aBeaded dresses are a classic for formal events like prom and weddings!





A lot of ethnic fashion items from all over the world can be identified by the patterns they create with beads and the styles of the beads themselves!



Jeweled beads and sew-ons add a new level of sparkle to beaded attire!


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