Adorable Office Supplies

When it comes to working at a desk, getting new office supplies is sort of like Christmas morning. The excitement of tearing open the packaging, the oohing and ahhing when the item is revealed, and the feeling you get when you finally use that pen/white out/washi tape for the first time is unbeatable. And do you want to know what feels even better than getting new office supplies? Getting cute office supplies!

inlinezoom-kontorkontur-colorchart-2012A Swedish design studio organized objects found around their office by color, and the result was so sleek!

90b16af3064d3efa5348b2412880d195 There’s nothing more luxe than a pair of gold scissors.

cdff0ee6e751f527173bc6cd9c583f0aWe spoke too soon. There’s nothing more luxe than a pair of gold scissors shaped like the Eiffel Tower!

7671fc56bd11cd6f69eacab91a83a98cNot only are these pencils hitting a special place in our hearts strictly reserved for all pastel things, but they’re also recycled!

a2b59b7a04c3b670112401ab9e40323aThis little jumble of erasers is calling out to us. Go ahead, make a mistake! Make twenty!




You might be asking yourself, “Do I really need a little rainbow mountain of notebooks?” Yes, yes you do.

Do you love using a fresh pencil as much as we do?

7 thoughts on “Adorable Office Supplies

  1. I am obsessed with office supplies! I lately discovered “stubby pencil studio” website based out of Portland. They carry luscious eco yellow highlighters in many colors ! They are color pencil highlighters ! I’m pinning your post 😉

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