Kentucky Derby Millin-spiration

The Kentucky Derby is upon us which means that there are going to be plenty of hats to oggle over for the next few days. Big, bright, wide, and tall; every type of hat surfaces when it comes to the Kentucky Derby. Obviously we’re partial to anything extravagant because we like pieces that make a statement!

crazy-racing-hatsThis yellow sunflower hat is a showstopper, and looks closer to the sun in size than a simple sunflower.

98f5b01f61288f787a13e96446a28ed1The curves and flow of this mint green hat are absolutely mesmerizing! Is it just us, or do you find this hat almost relaxing?

ec84cf70cb34be6eae882d5b431b63ffIt’s no wonder this woman is smiling ear to ear, she is wearing such a bright and happy hat! We love the red hat accented by little white feathers.

b36cf8c67bea2d5f86d731a679b17be4This beautiful wide-brimmed hat makes a cool statement with teal and royal blue feathers!

68545eb1f86b4844a7f5b9f339d9180eAnother favorite of ours is this yellow hat with a faux-floral arrangement on the top.

If you feel inspired to make your own Kentucky Derby hat, check out our selection of buckram frames, feathers, and flower pins!

2 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby Millin-spiration

  1. Love the hats and own race horses so have a couple of large hats I don’t no lol if anyone else has had the same problem but going to the toilet in a hat that big is a nightmare bang crash everytime you move

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