The Perfect Pearl Inspiration

This month we’re really feeling the luxurious textures and tones of the Baroque Era. While it may have something to do with the fact that the latest Project DIY collection is Baroque n’ Roll, we’re sure part of the reason is that this style is so perfect for the season! We love the decadent golds and rich velvet textures that this time period is famous for, but we also absolutely adore a certain component that is inherent to this style. We’re talking about pearls!

Alexander McQueen Pearl Skull Bracelet

This ornate bracelet from Alexander McQueen is beautiful and bold. The focus of this piece is that single pearl in the middle, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s a total stunner.

Velvet Green Pearl Jacket

This emerald green velvet jacket is definitely embracing pearl embellishments to the max. The jacket is so intricate and detailed, like a work of art!

Pearl Dotted Cardigan

Pearl Beanie from Studs and Pearls

Here are two easy ways to wear pearls every day! Sewing a spatter of pearls onto a basic piece makes it more festive and feminine. The bottom embellished beanie is a DIY from our blogger friend Kirsten Nunez of Studs and Pearls

Pearl Decorative Pillow from Frontgate

Pearl Holiday Wreath

Pearls are great to use in decor as well! They are a sophisticated embellishment that adds just the right amount of shine. We love this ornament wreath that’s made to look like a ring of large pearls. What an elegant way to bring in the holidays!

We love the use of pearls in both fashion and home decor because they offer a little sparkle and glamour to everything they touch. Stay tuned because our upcoming DIY features a holiday decoration that’s completely decked out in pearls!

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