Under the Sea DIY Round Up

The Little Mermaid had always wanted to become a part of our world, but this week we’re trying to be a part of her’s! Here are some of our favorite DIYs inspired by the sea!

Drops of Neptune

Gold and Aqua Bib Necklace

The beads used in this bib necklace tutorial look like tiny drops of water, which is why the name “Mermaid Necklace” is so fitting! We love their color and iridescence. They remind us of our Crystal AB Swarovski rhinestones!

Keep Current

Hipster Ariel Costume

Are you up on your memes? If so, you know exactly who the character above is. It’s hipster Ariel! This costume is easy to replicate, and if anyone asks what you are, just write them off as too main”stream”.

Mermaid Monogram

Shell Monogram Letter

Sometimes just looking like a mermaid isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to live like one. This seashell monogram is perfect for those who love the sea! We love the addition of the rhinestone trim!

A Whale of a Tail

Mermaid Costume Tutorial

Of course a mermaid isn’t a mermaid without a scaly tail. So unless you want to go to your next Halloween party as “Swimming Girl”, check out LoLovie’s tutorial above to get an idea of how to make that sequined tail!

Fit for a Mer-Queen

This video from Debi’s Design Diary shows you how to take a dollar store plastic crown, and turn it into a mermaid princess crown! Now that’s what we call an upgrade.

Were you inspired by our DIY round up? Take a look at our Under the Sea inspiration page for even more suggestions to take your ideas from crab to fab!

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