Inspiration: Celebrity Halloween Costumes

At M&J, celebrity fashion is always a fun topic to discuss because the looks we see on the red carpet are not ones that we can readily replicate. (How often are you going to need a $3,000 ballgown?) We can live vicariously through celebrity fashion choices, noting their fashion hits and misses. However when Halloween rolls around, all bets are off. We can draw style inspiration from their zaniest costumes, and wear them out because since it’s Halloween it’s totally cool. Here are a few of our favorite Halloween looks from celebrities!

Elle Fanning Mary Poppins Halloween CostumeElle Fanning as Mary Poppins is absolutely adorable! It looks like before she became the fashion maven she is today, she had a brief stint as a magical nanny! We love the tiny details she took care to add, like the little bird sitting on the umbrella and the vintage print bag.

If kids can dress like adults, then adults can dress like kids. Right? Check out Jessica Alba dressed as Dora the Explorer! It’s a look that is so easy to recreate, but also so clever! It’s the perfect costume for a young mom on a budget.

Lauren Conrad Flapper Halloween Costume

Lauren Conrad looks so pretty and feminine in this flapper getup! We love everything about this look from the fringe to the coral feather boa. If you want to recreate the costume yourself, check out our Great Gatsby inspiration page!


Heidi Klum is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Halloween! Every year she holds a star-studded Halloween party, and every year she blows people away with her amazing costumes. Our favorite has to be this snake and apple costume.  Seal was the Eve to this apple, naturally.

christian-siriano-halloween-costumeLeave it to designer Christian Serrano to don this creative Cruella de Vil outfit. It’s dramatic. It’s daring. But from the looks of his coat, the movie should have ended a little differently…

We hope these celebrity looks have gotten you inspired to go out and create your own costume! If you need any more inspiration, check out our Trick or Trims Halloween page!

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