Four Ways: Pom Pom Sweater DIY

Black Sweater (ours was from H&M)
Magna Tac Glue
3/8″ Pom Pom Fringe

Cut each pom pom off off your trim. This will leave you with individual pom poms to work with.

Using your Magna-Tac, glue each pom pom down onto the sweater.
HINT: You may want to put a piece of oak tag in between the sweater to ensure the glue will not  spread to the other side.

Apply a small amount of pressure to the pom pom making sure it will stay.

DSC_5110Repeat the same steps until you are happy with your design. We opted to scatter the pom poms but have fun with your pattern.
You can even use pink pom poms and make a heart. <3


Ta Da! How adorable is this Pom Pom Sweater? 

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