Four Ways: Leather and Chain Sleeved Sweater DIY

Rock the runway by adding a faux leather trim to your sleeves.

1 1/4″ Faux Leather with chain
Flat Plier
Magna-Tac Glue
Sweater(Ours was from H&M)


Measure the 1 1/4″ Faux Leather with chain around the wristband. Leave a bit of room prior to cutting so the 1 1/4″ Faux Leather with chain trim will remain comfortable.

DSC_5122Since this 1 1/4″ Faux Leather with chain contains leather and chain, mark the area that you would like to cut.
This will make the cutting process much easier.
Using your flat pliers, separate the chain.

DSC_5125Once the chain is separated, cut the leather trim.
Repeat this for both sleeves. 

Wrap the 1 1/4″ Faux Leather with chain around the wristband, and attach each end using your flat fliers.
Feel free to use your Magna Tac Glue to ensure the stability of your trim.
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5 thoughts on “Four Ways: Leather and Chain Sleeved Sweater DIY

  1. I love the trim and think it’s amazing that such a simple tweak to a sweater can change the whole look of a piece. How would I wash the sweater with the trim on it? Would it have to be dry cleaned? I have kids and don’t want to dry clean my everyday clothes, especially if the sweater can be machine washed. It would be great if the editors of the blog can show us how to fasten the trim so that it can be easily removed and refastened after a machine wash.

  2. you can wash the sweater as you normally would. If you’d feel more comfortable you can hand wash the garment.

    Always go in a north to south direction. This will open/close the chain without breaking the link,
    We recommend using two flat pliers or a flat plier and a jump ring opener.

    Feel free to leave additional tips and tricks!

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