DIY Fendi Monster Bag

We’re loving the Fendi Monster Bag. This adorable pouch is reminiscent of our childhood stuffed animal backpacks that we’d carry around for days on end. We were so thrilled to see Fendi’s latest creation that we immediately created our own DIY version.


Fendi Blue Monster Baguette

Small Bag-ours was purchased from Rainbow
3.5″ Marabou Fringe
6.25″x 3.25″ Straight Hackle Patch
E-6000 Glue


Apply E-6000 to the inner corner of your bag.DSC_0285

Place your feathered trim down onto the glue making sure the seamed edge is the only part of the trim making contact with the glue. DSC_0286

HINT: You may want to dip a small object into the glue for those harder to reach areas.


Apply E-6000 to your feathers.


Place them down, and apply a decent amount of pressure allowing the glue to set in.DSC_0291Do this for both of your monster eyebrows, eyeballs, and pupils as demonstrated below.




HINT: When applying E-6000 to small areas, (such as the eyes and nose) you may want to use a Q-Tip or small pointed surface.
We used the syringe from our rhinestone starter kit. DSC_0298

Using your E-6000 once again, apply a small amount of glue to your smallest pom pom. Place it down on the bag creating an adorable fluffy nose. DSC_0301

Create a pattern with your strip of leather for “the teeth.” We created fangs by cutting small triangles every half inch. DSC_0303

Once your “teeth” are cut, glue them onto your bag as shown. DSC_0305How cute is this Fendi Monster Bag DIY?

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  1. Hey. Just thought that you should know, a certain “mean blogger” has been targeting other DIY bloggers and writing insulting posts about them online. She did a really nasty post about this purse in particular on her blog:

    She’s targeted several of my blog acquaintances and myself in the past as well. Not sure where she gets off on this kind of stuff, but we bloggers need to join together and fight the “mean blogging” crowd.

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