Nautical Editorial Prints

This season, stripes have been incredibly popular. The nautical-inspired trend has been swooping the fashion industry season after season. The trend remains popular year after year due to the classic essence and conservative vibe it gives off. Each of these editorial prints displays an All-American nautical image from various standpoints. Vintage sailors, rocky waters, knotted ropes, ribbons and poofy dresses each examples of what various editorials exemplify as All-American. How do you rock your stripes?


EDITORIAL_It's Maritime




striped shirt- sunglasses- blue skirt- simple chic stylish casual outfit

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  1. LOVE stripes…so chic and timeless :). Wear them on everything…tops, pants, blazers, skirts, etc. Wear them with everything…animal print, floral, polka dots, etc. So versatile!!

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