Ribbon Accented Shirt DIY

Mixed prints have continued to receive mixed reviews from the public. Some people admire the daring looks while others argue that certain pieces simply don’t match. One designer that specializes in mixing prints is Mary Katrantzou. Each of her pieces are crafted with some of the more outlandish textiles yet they offer an elegant and sophisticated presence. We became very inspired by the unexpectedness of her pieces that we opted to create our own patterned shirt. Using our M&J Ribbons, we transformed an ordinary shirt into something extraordinary


Mary-Katrantzou-1024x554Mary Katrantzou’s Runway collection 



25 MM French Double Faced Satin Ribbon in Aqua Style# 54789
25 MM French Double Faced Satin Ribbon in Black Style#54789
1″ Imported Chromspun Grosgrain in Aqua Style #02224
15MM Grosgrain Fantasy Ribbon in Wine Combo Style #34304
5/8″ Grosgrain in Polka Dot Style #39005


Prior to setting anything down, lay your ribbon down on your shirt. Make sure you like the way each ribbon looks next to one another. Once you have okay’d the pattern remove the ribbon. At this point you should just have your shirt lying down on a flat surface.


One by one, glue each piece of ribbon down in a straight line. Place a small amount of glue on the ribbon and spread it out with the nossel of your glue.
This will prevent bumps in thinner pieces of ribbon.


Continue to glue down each piece of ribbon untill your pattern is complete.



If you had used a button up shirt flip your shirt inside out. By doing so you will be able to see where both sides meet and needs to be cut. Once you have assessed where the center is cut all four pieces of ribbon.


Now that the shirt has dried, cut the additional ribbon off of both sides. We used the seams as a means of measurement.


We wanted our shirt to have a more refined appeal so we added our polka dot ribbon as a finish.


After gluing the ribbon down we held it for several seconds, tucking in all of the excess fray strands.


Since we had some leftover ribbon lying around, we opted to glue it down on either side creating a slimming appearance.


We’re so happy with the way our our ribbon accented shirt DIY turned out.


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