DIY Ribbon Flower Bouquet


The best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones that are handmade with love.  That’s why a DIY floral bouquet is the perfect gift!  It is beautiful and never dies!  Using ribbons from our Valentine’s Day inspired secetion on our website, we love the way this DIY came out and we hope you do, too!


4 yds of red double faced silk ribbon

2 yds of forest green double faced silk ribbon

1 ft of red sheer satin edge ribbon

1 yd of twine






1.  Cut 2-3 ft of your red double faced ribbon.  At one end, fold the longer end over the shorter end making a right triangle, as shown.

2.  Make a second right triangle with the longer end of the ribbon, as shown.


3.  Keep making right triangles by folding the longer ribbon over itself until you have made several squares.  Make sure to hold your squares together with one hand as you work.


4.  Once you’ve made enough squares, take what is left of the longer end and slide it through the center hole of your squares.  Pull it close so that it makes the center of your flower.  Make sure to keep holding your squares in place.


5.  Slightly twist some of the levels to make the flower look more believable.  Glue some of the layers together so that the flower doesn’t unravel.


6.  Cut about 2.5 ft of your wire and fold it over twice, as shown.


7.  Add some glue to the ribbon that is at the back of your flower and wrap it around the wire.


8.  Add glue to the end of your green ribbon and add it to the very top of the wrapped wire.  Keep wrapping the green ribbon around the wire until you are about 2 inches from the bottom.

9a 10a

9.  Cut the green ribbon and add glue to finish the stem.

11a 12a

10.  Repeat steps 1-9 to create more flowers.


11.  Use your twine to wrap your flowers together.  Starting at the middle of your stems, wrap down to the bottom of your wires and then back to the top where you started. Cut and hold the twine in place with glue.

14a 15a

12.  Use your sheer ribbon to add a bow in the middle of your twine.


13.  And now you have a beautiful bouquet to give to your loved one!

17a 18a

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